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  1. sorry everyone for not being in touch in a while the whole thing seems to have settled down again....... for now mum is at the stage now where she has stopped paying them a penny as she cannot afford to and they have the option to proceed with BR and they will have to pay for it but they wont as they know fine well she has nothing and therefore its all died down. So its their call but either way they wont get another penny. This thread moved to another one see here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/190501-whats-my-best-approach.html
  2. Hi questioning Nice to speak to you again - i think you and the other posters are right she would just like this sorted one way or another so Let them pay for it !! If it was me on the other hand i would not be going along so quietly, I would be inclined to fight all the way with SAR and so on, But its not my fight and tbh she is tired of it all now. If they persist with their games then maybe we should look at SAR and try to force their hand. Thanks E.D
  3. ScarletPimpernel - You have sumed it exactly what I was trying to say, How do these SD's work ? It states she has 21 days, does that then mean after the 21 days are up that they have to act then themselves one way or the other ? or does it run for ever and they can just move on it when it suits them ??
  4. I have just PM PT2537 for (his/her ?) thoughts, Mine are like yours babybear39 let them just get on with it and put my mum out of her misery, this has been hanging over her for the last 20 years and it would be a great relief to have it put to bed once and for all, however i dont think they are going to do it !!! its going to cost them and they have seen her I&E so must know she has nothing and a low income so any award would be nominal. Would they just do it to close the file ? Surely it Would cost them less just to write it off. On the other hand part of me wants to make it difficu
  5. Thanks for the replys the small loan was taken out approx 6 months ago or so and was needed to pay the bond for the rental agreement.
  6. Just a quick update on this thread - yesterday Mum received a Statutory Demand Notice, stating that she has 21 days to pay up the full amount....98k or they MIGHT commence court proceedings to make her BR alternativley she could contact them and try to may a settlement with them or she should apply to have it set aside. As stated in the thread earlier she has nothing so don't think they are going to act on it but should she reply to this letter outlining her position again or just ignore the letter ? Thanks E.D
  7. Questioning - you and your fellow posted on here really do make a massive difference to peoples lives, Thanks so much for the time and advice you have afforded to me today, I'm reassured and when i have spoken to my mum i'm sure she will be too. It's just a pity when all this happened that i couldn't have given her the help & advice she needed back then as i was just a kid myself. I will do the letter and if it turns official i will come back. Thanks once again E.D
  8. Thanks questioning Think you are spot on, will write back offering the token payment and put the ball back in their court like you say it will cost them to go for BR and with them having seen her I & E already im sure they won't go for it as they know they will get very little if anything awarded anyway - she genuinely has no assets Thanks for all your help, much appreciated
  9. she got a small loan quite recently so she could secure a new flat and pay the bond money think the payment is £24 per month other than that she owes nothing except natwest , she has no car, no property, no savings, no shares, she doesn't drink or smoke and spends nothing on herself. Would she be in trouble for paying for this new loan but now giving natwest nothing ?
  10. their letters do say that they are acting on behalf of natwest but i wasn't sure if they were being straight or bending the truth so as to come across as the nice guys ? Their 1st letter also said an "informal chat to help" and quickly descended into door step visit threats ! She works as a part time cleaner ironically at the local courts, has no pensions (she is 57) and gets a small amount of housing benefit She was paying natwest until tenon took over then i looked at her ins and outs and she realistically cannot afford any payments so i told her to stop them.
  11. Thanks Questioning for your support My thoughts exactly !! I was wondering what sort of letter response we should send them though ? and is there anyway of finding out who actually owns the debt now ? would natwest have to tell you if they moved it on ? natwest dont respond to letters but tenon are very quick to reply. Thanks - anyone know how we should reply ?
  12. Hi everyone could anybody point me in the right direction with some advice regarding an old longstanding debt to Natwest bank ? Background is that my mum and dad took out a 40k mortgage back in 1989 to run a guest house and as it was a seasonal business they only had to make 4 payments per year during the season so (4 x £1900). This they did for 3 years until 1992 when my dad passed away suddenly, my mum was therefore left on her own and was unable to run the business on her own and couldn't meet the repayments. the bank to be honest were quite good in as much as they reviewed her i
  13. bump new to this but have tried to read lots of interesting advice on this forum have told her not to ring them again - they dont seem to have her number so i guess she will be receiving letters which will be worded stronger each time in the hope of scaring her ? Are these people authorised to be dealing with this now - their letter said they were acting on behalf of natwest but natwest have not informed her of this ? Realistically what do they expect - she simply doesn't have the money and has no assets either so would they file for bankruptcy given the fact she is genuine
  14. Hi I'm after some advice on behalf of my mum When my dad died 10 years ago she had no choice but to default on the mortgage as they had no life insurance. The mortgage was with natwest and was for approx £40,000, She is old school and hated/hates the idea of owing anybody anything and therefore was open about her income and outgoings and agreed to pay natwest a fixed monthly amount. This was not a great amount but under the circumstances it was her way of trying to pay it off. During this time Natwest continued to pile on the interest The home was eventually repossessed and sold by the ba
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