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  1. It's a standard letter. They sent me the same one. They even send it to me again as part of a SAR in a list of other 'standard' letters. I carried on sending demands for my CCA. Eventually they have had to say that my account is on hold (mostly because they don't have a CCA). Ignore it, it's designed to make them feel better.
  2. the DCA they sold it to is the A&L under the name security investigations.
  3. funny you should say that, just sending them a letter. they sent doc's from SAR including another copy of what i previously posted BUT no copies of statements for this bank account so no details of charges, no T&C's in relation to the O/D or the bank acc, no copies of any letters including any correspondence with the CAB. Plus contacted the CRA for copy of file. CRA wrote back to my query confirming that this account has been marked as settled and the balance is 0, so basically they have been trying to claw the money back off me by claiming to be a DCA called Security Investi
  4. guess that means i have to start paying them again. Thanks everyone, wasn't sure if it was covered or not.
  5. Hi, can someone take a look at this for me? Many thanks. I've circled the parts i'm not sure of. A&L001.pdf
  6. I'm having fun with this dca as well. I have sent the in dispute letter (what's the harrassment letter). I have also registered complaints against them to the relevant authorities. they have confirmed that they do not have the documents and are claiming that they have the rights but not the duties under s 189 (1) cca1974. I also claimed statute barred, to which they replied that i had made a payment to OC a few months before so not SB. they have thrown section 10 of DPA back at me with reasons why they shouldn't comply.
  7. Thanks everyone, this has helped loads. The one debt in particular is nearly 9 years old and only started paying 18 months ago because it turned up after I requested my free CR from Equifax. (won't do that again). I CCA'd this company last month and SAR'd them. No CCA and deadline has passed so i have sent SB letter and told them to get lost.
  8. slightly confused! Is a debt statue barred from the default/ settled date or from the date of the last payment, and is that the last payment to the OC or the new DCA? I have a debt for each so knowing would help loads. many thanks
  9. slightly confused! Is a debt statue barred from the default/ settled date or from the date of the last payment, and is that the last payment to the OC or the new DCA? I have a debt for each so knowing would help loads. many thanks
  10. If that's the worst they can do, bring it on. Like to see how they try and get out of this one. I've had a couple of letters choc full of legal reasoning. simply haven't got into any form of debate on this, just sent the next request instead, and finally this. they may need a change of pants (they need one of these with devils horns on.)
  11. I had another letter from crapbot in response to CCA, SAR and CPR requests. Basically it confirms when they bought the debt, why they don't feel that they should comply with the CCA, some B.S. about how I still owe the money despite their urgent requests to the OC for the CCA, and a load of twaddle about how they won't be complying with s.10 of the DPA. This is what I have sent back to them... "Thank you for your letter dated 25th February 2009 which was received today (13th March 2009), the contents of which are noted. As the new owner you are liable to fulfill my legal reques
  12. thanks pinky 69, just feels like i'm getting out of my depth a bit. i've stopped making payments so no doubt will get more crap from them soon enough. will just ignore from now on and if they sell the debt on i will let new owner know that account is in dispute. SA
  13. Can someone please take a look at the response i got today from crap 1. they seem to keep repeating para. 2. sent CCA request 7th Feb - account defaulted in response and sent copy of current t&cs, plus letter with para 2. (has my name and address on it, but confused because thought they are personal details???) sent SAR request 19th Feb - CCA deadline as part of SAR has expired. no further docs sent to me. 40 day deadline is 31 march. sent notice in dispute letter 24th Feb. sent CPR 31.16 26th Feb. got final response letter dated 2nd march, identical to para.2
  14. Moorcroft sent me a letter asking me to send proof of ID (drivers license, rent book, utility bill etc). I simply photocopied their letter and sent it back with a post-it note saying proof enclosed.
  15. "IS YOUR DEBTOR LAUGHING?" Ahh mate, I'm laughing so hard a little bit of wee came out.
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