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  1. Can't hurt can it and it will let them know i'm aware of my rights. If i change the payments to them i can always stop them if necessary. I'll check back when or if i get response. Thanks for the help so far Ford and DX.
  2. So not worth bothering with CCA request then? As I have had no hassling letters from the previous holders of the debt I'm probably best switching the payments until I do manage to get myself in a better position then? Just send them a reminder that I will only deal with them in writing?
  3. About 8-9 years ago. Have to hunt the paperwork out for a more exact date.
  4. Halifax was who the loan was with then they passed it t Drydensfairfax though the correspondence still came with a Halifax letterhead and now it has been 'transfered' by Halifax to Westcot who they have 'instructed' to 'arrange collection of the outstanding amount'. The letter from Westcot is only asking for the same £5 a month i have been paying.
  5. Thanks for responding. Ford, the letter i received said it was transferred from Drydens to Westcot, no mention of it being sold on and no i haven't CCA'd this debt. DX100uk, it was from a loan which is old enough that if i'd ignored it would be SB by now and i know i should check my credit file but haven't done so yet. Just thinking of using this change as an opportunity to check what proof they have that the debt is recoverable. Without digging out earlier letters, which i was going to do at the weekend, it's got to be at least 8-9 years old.
  6. Hello, its been a while since i've been here. Just looking for some advice. An old Halifax debt which was being handled by DrydensFairfax Solicitors and which I have been paying at £5 a month for ever, it seems, has been passed by them to Westcott. I just wanted to know if it is reasonable to send a CCA request to them before I change where I send the payment?
  7. Thanks PGH. Thats in the templates yes, and send by recorded delivery?So that goes for any creditors who contact me? Also after reading through other posts in future I will tell them to contact me by post.
  8. Thanks DD. yes last time they contacted me they were calling themselves Mercers
  9. Yes it is my debt. I have been paying £1 a month for over a year for this. What I want to find out is should I just send them the information they want which is a financial statement ant recent payslip or should I send them a letter to get them to confirm they have a copy of my original application?
  10. Hi, I'm a newbie, so if i've posted this in the wrong place forgive me. I got a call from Calders today re a debt I have with barclaycard. At the time they said they were about to send my account for court action so I agreed to send them a financial statement but after reading some of the posts here I am wondering if I should leave it and wait to see if they contact me again. Any advice would be gratefully recieved.
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