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  1. My car broke down on a busy road - while I was on the phone trying to arrange my breakdown service, I got a ticket. I explained that I had broken down, but he still issued it. He said I should have been next to the car. I told him I'd gone 50 yards up the road to try to find a street name to give to the breakdown service, but to no avail. I feel like contesting this, but is there any precedent anyone knows of for this type of situation? Thanks
  2. But I do admit the debt, I just want to be given time to pay - reduced payments - and they haven't accepted the pro rata amount. Who am I supposed to send the papers to?
  3. Howard Cohen issued papers on behalf of CL finance who have been assigned the credit card debt from G E Money. The particulars are basically that we owe the money, we haven't paid, so they are claiming via the court. Yes, I am paying them via payplan, on a pro rata basis with the other creditors, after having gone through an extremely comprehensive income/expenditure statment with payplan. Payplan have given be a breakdown of what might happen, which seems to involve lots of Court attendances complete with fees and paperwork, following which they might send bailiffs or ask for c
  4. Hi, After months of trying to communicate with creditors but they were ignoring my letters and offers to pay, I entered a DMP with Payplan. the plan is operational and making payments to all creditors, but only one has "accepted" the arrangements, the others are not, one has today issued a Court claim form. Payplan seem very blase about this - unlike me - I entered this plan to prevent this sort of hassle. I've CCA's the ones I think were incorrect, and in fact have heard nothing from one creditor for months now, but the others won't accept I'm doing my best to pay them I
  5. But how do you run your life without a bank account? Can you even pay utilities by cash? What about buying stuff on e-bay etc? I'd love to work in cash only but not sure how realistic it is, especially as they say they are going to phase out cheques - how do I pay my mortgage except by direct debit? I have 11 direct debits go out eacch month, paying all of those by cheque would be a pain and maybe even lead to them not arriving on time. Are there any realistic ideas out there for running your life without (or minimal use of) a bank account?
  6. I've just spent the past three hours reading the whole of this thread, and am delighted and amazed that you had the guts to stick it out to the bitter end! It reads like an adventure novel, I was sweating in places where you were just about to go to court!!! I was tempted to sneak to the last page to see what happened, but stuck it out like you had to. Well done indeed. I thought the advice was brilliant, especially Banker Rhymes With .....I just hope I can stick it out like you did if it comes to that with my cases. Hope you are still enjoying that fantastic feeling of freedom.
  7. I am a bit confused with the terminology of a "default notice" or a notice of charges added which the credit card companies are calling "default sums". Is there a difference? I've had loads of notices telling me of default sums added to my accounts, but I have thought that these were default notices - is this not right? Ta.
  8. Thanks for that. Have sent the letters today. But Santander and MBNA have sent really detailed forms for me to fill in with masses of detail about our household, income, pensions, equity, outgoings etc. They also say that unless I fill it in they won't be able to agree to any reduced payments and will chase payment in full. And there is no mention of freezing interest or charges. I have not filled it in, just sent a reply letter with the basics in it. I have not gone into detail regarding who I owe what to, just stated the surplus amount and the fact that there are two other cred
  9. Oh, that's interesting. But how does that work, with the mortgage etc being in joint names, and the loans being jointly and severally responsible for them? For the credit cards in my name, should I just show my income and half the outgoings, and the cc in my husband's name, HIS income and half the outgoings? That might look a bit odd, as we obviously pay all sums jointly, or we wouldn't be able to afford anything! (hope that makes sense).
  10. thanks. this is my draft: Dear sir, Thank you for your letter of xxx asking for details of my income and expenditure. the details are as follows: Income from salaries xxxxxxxxx expenditure including mortgage, council tax, utilities, essential living expenses: xxxxxxxxxxx As you see there is only a surplus of xxxxxxx which needs to be split proportionaltely between yourselves and our other creditors. Therefore the amount of xxxxxxx is all I can reasonably offer in payment at the moment. Please therefore let me know how you wish me to pay this to you, and also confirm
  11. One, Egg, has a dodgy CCA - so far the DCA seem to have gone quiet. the others probably have good CCAs as they are far more recent. I'm not trying to say I won't pay (except Egg), but we CAN'T pay at the moment. If we paid all our debts at the beginning of the month, we could just do it, but would have no money to live on for the rest of the month. so I decided to offer reduced payments for six months while chasing a bank charges reclaim, in the hope I can get back on my feet. I am about to draft further letters - what info do I have to give? And what can I avoid giving? thanks
  12. Yes I had one just like that. I immediately wrote and said I have already told you to keep communications in writing. You may call if you like to collect another letter, will save me going to the post office, but I will not be discussing anything with you, and will include your unauthorised visit in my list of code of conduct transgressions .... or words to that effect. they never turned up.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to arrange reduced payments with several creditors, and have written asking for this and making an interim offer. two have completely ignored me, continuing to make phone calls at all hours of the day. One has asked for another request with my signature on it. The other has asked for lots of income/expenses information, relating to mortgage, insurance, council tax payments etc. They have also asked for a complete list of exactly who I owe money to, with amounts etc. Are they entitled to have such detailed information? Or can I submit my own list, saying "creditor
  14. Oh dear I didn't enjoy reading this - I've just opened a co-op account as I'm going to send first direct a reclaim charges letter and wanted a safety net account in case they got funny. But we're always going overdrawn - maybe I'd better have another think. Unbelieveable that a bank can act like this - why don't they just not pay any amount which would take you overdrawn if they hate it that much??
  15. I've just got my docs back from Egg - in the statements there are £280 of charges from 2001 to 2006. Can I still claim these back even though they hve passed on the debt to a DCA? The charges ranged from £16 to £20. I don't understand masses of the docs they sent me, but there is some disturbing info in them - including a change of name which I didn't do!!!
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