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  1. Any one know how much it would cost to get a survey done of the work carried out. to see if done correctly and to rules and regs.
  2. would coop still be involved even though no eligibility paperwork was done through them, they didn't recommend or put forward the company I contacted myself? and thanks for all the quick replies
  3. After initially going through coop energy and the firm they put us in contact with failing to turn up for 2 appointments and never calling back, we approached a different company ourselves, who then passed us on to another, who then passed it to the installers . it was the second company that did the eligibility assessment. The first 3 are all registered with companies house. though the installers use 2 different names.
  4. mmm only thing we had to sign was an eligibility survey for room in roof. it says at top of form; RIR insulation lead sheet. I had to ask to get that from the company who came to do the initial assessment. As I said earlier we had no other paperwork given to us. Have the installers not followed correct procedure?
  5. Thanks for the reply, we have no paperwork from the installer, though she did sign something to say they had been in and done some work. it was done on the 2nd May. and they haven't yet fixed the rockwool issue.
  6. Hi, all and thanks for any advice in advance. Mum signed up to have wall insulation done in her dormer house, room in roof. the initial surveyor said that the walls under the windows would be insulated from within the roof space(behind the walls) and the cheeks, sloping roof section, would be insulated with over-boarding to the floor and would it be ok for the skirting boards be removed and we fix them after. also part of the roof to be over-boarded too. we agreed to this. it was then passed to a different company to do the install. no other survey was done. or contact made till
  7. thanks rebel. I will wait till they next call, then tell them to leave me alone, and then see what happens, so I may be back after that for help.
  8. Margaret, I have read most of those guides, but none specifically mention my situation in detail. I am not on the work programme voluntarily, I was forced onto it, but as I said my situation has changed since then., but thanks for the links anyway. or am I misreading something.
  9. Hi, I was originally put in the wrag group of esa, and was sent to a4e last year, after 2 useless induction things, 1 meeting, and a unkept (on their part) phone interview. I have now been moved into the support group, I was recontacted by a4e by phone where i was told i had a letter sent informing me of this interview, {no letter received}. I told them i was now in support group, and the man said they knew but still had to keep in contact, and would call again in 2 months, for another phone interview, I then recieved a letter stating I had a mandatoryinterview in 2 months with date and tim
  10. Hi, does anybody know if Google checkout has any liability when it comes to a seller selling counterfeit goods. the credit card company says it's googles problem now, and won't go any further, no chargeback etc. Google say it's nothing to do with them what the seller gets up to.
  11. Google say use chargeback but it does'nt seem to apply in the UK, or at least the banks have a get out clause saying it's not covered. maybe this sort of thing should have to be made very clear instead of being buried in all the terms and conditions, an update lloyds refused chargeback saying they have made their decision, so I have now contacted the Ombudsman, see how that goes.
  12. Thanks for your help folks, I will continue to pursue this
  13. Google will only help by contacting the seller but doesn't take any other action according to them. The only so called buyer protection is fraudulent use of your credit card details and not divulging your email addressThe website no longer exists but was MZonline.co.uk
  14. Hi, the seller had no phone,so requests were by email, I now know the site was dodgy, I requested a refund and said he could arrange for collection of the guitar which I am allowed to do but they are obviously just bandits, the reponse from the credit card issuer seems correct from other things I have read as using google checkout is classified as similar to transfering cash to a bank account and then writing a cheque. so things look bad, I was wondering if google were liable even though they say they aren't, and as we know some people say they aren't but consumer rights can override that,
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