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  1. I am three years into a five year repayment for my car. I took the Finance offered from the FIAT dealership on a new car and everything has been fine, payments made etc - no problems. Earlier this year the Finance company changed from Fiat Finance to another company which I have since found out is owned by GE Financial Services. Now this maybe just a company name change and the finance may have always been coming from GE, I don't know other than before hand all paperwork was plastered with the word FIAT. Last month I had a bit of a blip with my bank and my Direct Debits did not get paid (
  2. Hi MrHandyman, The advisory note he left 'is not to current standards'. I have had another independent engineer visit and he has tested boiler and it is well within required limits. He has also fitted a Carbon Monoxide alarm though he believes the ventilation is sufficient. He has agreed to service boiler every six months for the same price as BG's 1 service annual price. The only downside as I can see is if a major component breaks down it will probably cost an arm and a leg.
  3. Not sure if this is the right forum but I have had lots of good advice on other matters so may be someone has something to share. I have an ugly Potterton Kingfisher boiler that has the flue directly into the (unused) chimney stack. Boiler supplies hot water and central heating. I have lived in this house for 22 years and the boiler was here before me. We have had the Homecare contract since day one and the boiler gets serviced mainly in August every year. The contract has been good value in so much that the times the unit has gone wrong (1 pump and 2 thermocouplings) the fix has always s
  4. Just when you thought the law was on your side..... I 'phoned Consumer Direct. If you take out HP without being on the premises etc you have a legal right to a 7 day cooling off period but as my issue is a Loan they do not know what the answer is - phone Ombudsman Service. I 'phone Financial Ombudsman and asked the same question. Their reply 'Ah....' short pause ' this can be a grey area'. Now the real blow... 'if the Bank considers that you fully understand what you are agreeing to and has include a copy of their Terms & Conditions, it need not offer you a cooling off period. I
  5. Oh look what I found.... " The best known protection for consumers is the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Here regulated credit agreements may allow you to cancel the agreement should you change your mind. Worth pointing out is that there is a cooling off period in which you can change your mind. Assuming you signed the agreement anywhere other than on the premises of the trader or creditor; and you discussed the credit face-to-face with the trader or creditor before you signed the agreement then you may cancel the agreement. If you are entitled to cancel the agreement you must be sent a c
  6. Unfortunately they turned out to be a bit of a dead duck. Here's there reply to me asking what were my rights and should I not have been made aware of my 'Right to Cancel'... "In reference to your enquiry, as your enquiry is of a financial nature, Consumer Direct are not able to offer advice. The most appropriate agency to speak to would be the Banking Code Standards Board. Their website is www.bankingcode.org.uk" I am going to 'phone Consumer Direct in case they did not quite understand my query. Will also look through the Banking Code Standards - I could do with a laugh !
  7. Had the standard HSBC response re - Bank Charges and questioning if I am in Hardship etc. They have enclosed the paperwork for me to submit to a review but since I have an ongoing battle with **EDITED** at HSBC, been with CCCS since January, had two 'Final Demand' notices and two Managed Loan offers. I find it incredulous that they don't consider this a Hardship claim. Ok I realise it's a standard knee jerk reply and the nearest anyone got to reviewing my case was when they filed my letter. So here is my problem.... do I argue the toss that I am in Hardship as proved by their own act
  8. Once again hat's off to JohnnyMitch Have logged a call to Consumer Direct Google search - confusing didn't find the precise answer but found a few contrary (I think I'll let Consumer Direct get back to me).
  9. On a serious note...... If anyone enters into a credit agreement should they not be informed of their right to cancel - the so called 'Cooling off' period. Does anyone know of any stature / act / law or website that says this is a legal requirement. I feel like stuffing HSBC again over their mistakes. The wife pointed another one out last night. The Senior Managers letter starts... 'I am replying in response to your Telephone call....' I guess he means my Recorded Delivery letter. I wouldn't use the 'phone even if I saw the local branch on fire (other than to order petrol)
  10. Thank you JohnnyMitch. I am currently having a lot of fun with HSBC. They keep digging themselves very big holes and I and, I must say, my local MP are filling them in. I have claimed my Bank Charges under hardship which as yet they have not rejected. I have managed to get £160 off them for a payment that I made to an account they had closed without informing me. I am now claiming back the interest they have charged on that account after they reopened it and added interest while the payment had disappeared into a HSBC black-hole. I have also entered into a Managed Loan at 1% ov
  11. I have to put my hands up and admit to being bone idle. I had done a Subject Access Request and received letters on good intention from HSBC then all went quiet. Truth is I didn't want to stir up the sleeping giant as I was having peace and quiet thru the summer. Anyway basically this is the story.... I did an SAR on my current account on 28th February 2009. At the begining of April I got a letter asking where I'd like to pick it up from - I said my local branch. 10th April I received a letter telling me the information had been sent to the Branch who would contact me. I heard nothin
  12. Hi, I have searched the forum but cannot find anyone posting anything about Secure Trust Bank PLC so I hope someone may be able to advise me on 'what to do next'. Since 1998 I have had a 'Moneyline' account with Secure Trust Bank PLC (PO Box 11915, Arleston Way, Solihull). The balance on the account is £500 which I pay off at around £25 a month and generally draw some funds prior to Xmas. The limit on the account is £625. At the end of April this year I received notification that Secure Trust Bank PLC were discontinuing the Moneyline account the reason being (and I quote) 'As a
  13. Things have started to roll in. HSBC Current Account :- Will process my data which branch do I want to pick it up from ? HSBC FlexLoan :- Processing my CCA but returned my £1 postal order saying it is not required (what's that all about) HSBC Credit Card :- "Our procedures dictate that we are unable to answer unsigned correspondence". Any suggestions ? And one last interesting point. My Managed Loan which I could not cancel because they had withdrawn the loan has been "paid" into my account my three accounts are now in credit by £200 and I have a new Managed Loan account. A
  14. May be I'm being a little pedantic but reviewing my letters from HSBC I just noted I have several letters from the same person, a Senior Collections Manager dated a couple days apart but from two different addresses. One letter is from the HSBC CC in Southend and the other on my Flexiloan, Salford. And while reviewing other peoples posts I noticed a letter dated 2006 from the same lady... and I don't think the signature is the same. Now I'm no expert but looking at them together they certainly look different. So my question .... does the lady exist ? The signatures on my letters are
  15. Well the letters are on their way. I have had a letter from HSBC that the Managed Loan was cancelled on 2nd Feb - strange since I got a letter from them on dated 29th Jan sent 2nd Class post that didn't refer to it. A 'phone call from them on the 6th recalculating the loan amount and crediting my account £40 to bring my balances in line with the loan.... and I phoned to ask them the status of the ML and was told its still in place. Sent letter requesting my paperwork back intact and unprocessed. Also sent SAR on Current account and CCA on Credit Card. I notice on the Fle
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