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  1. Thanks dcakiller, that's much appreciated. I'll disregard this for the time being, with any luck they won't turn up. The amount is relatively small under 1k so I imagine they have bigger fish to fry at the moment. Should I receive another letter in the near future I'm going to send it back advising no such person at this address.
  2. Oh, and the letter also states the false Banbury address.....should I report this?
  3. I read on here that these kind of letters are phising letters to see whether I'm actually here or not...is this correct? I'm assuming should they hear nothing then they'd assume I wasn't here? Or is that wishful thinking? LOL! This isn't my property, it's my fiancee's parents so the thought of them turning up isn't filling me with delight if I'm honest....
  4. Hi all, Opened my mail to find a letter from these chaps re: an old debt 4-5 yrs old. Says I ignored their previous letter, however never had one at this address. They say they are starting the profiling process and if I'm found to be working or a home owner, they will instruct a third party to begin further collection etc. I'm neither, I'm an unemployed student, renting a room. So, I haven't phoned them, nor acknowledged the letter - just curious if anyone can enlighten me on what the best course of action is? Should I ignore it so as it doesn't affect the statute barred process in a year or so, or will these dudes get nasty and actually turn up at my door? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I've had an issue with my credit rating in that I have no credit history, and this has affected me trying to open current accounts in the past. I successfully managed to open a T-Mobile contract account, which by looking at my Equifax credit report, helped somewhat (I jumped over 100 points to gain a 'poor' rating as opposed to 'very poor'). I start my second year at Uni in September, and my student loan doesn't quite cover my expenses needed to survive, so I'm looking to open a student account with a small overdraft. I've tried both Co-op & Halifax, however I was turned down on both occasions. My sister has a current account with Yorkshire, having never had a bank account and not being in the same address for less than 2 years with massive debt & unemployed, yet they offered her a current account with an overdraft! So I was wondering if I should try the Yorkshire Bank to see whether or not they'd accept me... Has anyone else opened a student account with poor credit history with the Yorkshire? Would you reccomend?
  6. Cheers peeps I've decided to sit tight for at least another year and try again when the climate has improved somewhat, also my credit rating should slightly improve in a year as it'll be 3 years at my current address. I guess another year of beans and pot noodles isn't too bad lol
  7. Thanks for that - I just rang the Halifax to apply for a Student Account, and was declined (surprise!) lol, however, the guy on the phone said it was only because I have a low credit score, and he can see I have no defaults etc so it's not bad. He told me that because I have been with them for 3 years and my account has never been charged, and I have alot of money in there at any one time, I should appeal. So I have to print off my credit report and bring it in to my local branch to appeal. Has anyone ever appealed and got anywhere with it on this forum?
  8. I used to work for a local authority in the council tax dept, and unfortunately it looks to me like they've taken advantage of you. Good news, however, we had many students with the same problem in my office - if you have proof regarding your status as a student for the period they were charging you 75%, write a letter to the authority concerned, attach the proof and you should be elgible for a full refund.
  9. Hi All, I am a mature student of 24 years old and have held a basic cash card account with the halifax for 3 years. I have got into debt when I was younger, and this has prevented me from applying for any credit since. I have recently looked at my credit report via Equifax, and it says my credit rating is 'very poor', however there are no defaults, CCJ's or late payments on the report - in fact, there is absolutely nothing - no credit, no agreements, only 1 search from last year from Capital One and that's it. They say because I haven't been on the electoral roll at my current addy for 3 years, thats why it's bad, but it will be 3 years this year at my current address. Another factor is because I have literally no credit history. Anyway, I could really benefit from a Student Account coming into my second year at Uni, and was wondering which bank would be more likely to accept me with no credit history? I can't go to Natwest as 6 years ago I had an account with an overdraft and it went drastically wrong, so I doubt they'd have me back!! Any advice?
  10. Just had a letter from Advantis with regards to an old debt of £90, didn't know what it was for so rang them myself and they said it was United Utilites from an address 6 years ago. Just sent them the whole 'pursueing monies after 6 years is illegal' letter found on this forum. I now await their response, should be interesting!
  11. Meh. So applied to Equifax, they asked me to verify my details - so I did, and still no access to my credit report, however, they've quite happily gave my details to a past creditor, who has now sent me a letter to pursue a debt of £90. This debt goes back to 2003, so I have replied with the letter template regarding pursueing a debt older than 6 years. Hopefully, this will scare them slightly, I highly doubt any court action would be taken over £90. Now the floodgates are open, it's just a waiting game - I have no income, and no assetts, so they can come after me, but I'm going to play hardball.
  12. Thanks for the advice mate I've been living at my current address with my fiancee for well over a year (nearly two) and all that time my bank account has been altered accordingly, so I know this address will be on my credit file - but still no one has chased me, so I am now thinking maybe my report isn't totally messed up, merely just not up to scratch. I'll probably hear back from Equifax tomorrow and have a look at the report, and my plan is to sit well away from any credit whatsoever over the next 2 years, then see how things are then!
  13. And where did I stipulate I was going to move on and borrow more, for the sake of it? The only thing I intend to get credit for in the future is a mortgage for myself and my fiancee, and I don't think that's something you should begrudge me. And alot of the posts I have read on this forum follow the same pattern as mine, but I don't see those users being lectured.
  14. I wrote a post regarding my situation and my concerns over past debts which I've ran away from: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/getting-out-debt/184869-erm-what-do.html - and decided to check my credit rating via Equifax. They asked me to send in my verification documents so I did, today. I'm now really worried that I may have just opened the flood gates for all my debts to come back to me and it's put the fear of god into me becaue I'm merely a student and the property I live at is with my fiancee and her parents and I don't want my problems at their door. They are aware of my past credit problems, and they would support me in trying to clear things up if that was the case, but I wouldn't want this to happen at all!! Is it true that once I've attempted to view my credit report all my debts will find me, or is that a myth? If it isn't a myth, is there any way of stopping this? I have yet to formally 'purchase' anything from Equifax, and still have the option of updating the 'verify me' documents. All help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. So I called Equifax and they told me the system couldn't recognise me so I had to scan some documents and send them via their online customer help system - anyone else had to do this? Just waiting for them to come back to me so I can look at my credit report. Whilst there, took the liberty of looking at their FAQ's, and found some interesting info: The debts I incurred when I was 18 may well be written off this year as it will have been six years since I last heard anything from them...also my Virgin media account details will have been removed from my credit report as, and I quote: Virgin Media Accounts Virgin Media have removed all Credit Agreement information prior to 20/04/2008 from all its customer files due to anomalies in information resulting from system migrations. Virgin Media will continue to provide Credit Agreement information as of July 2008 - please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. So, the fact my account was pretty damn poor and is now removed can only do me a favour, right?!! Hoping things ain't as bad as I once thought!!
  16. lol - if only! I haven't a clue what email address I used when I initially signed up, nor the username, nor the password, and everything I attempt is not recognised - probably best giving them a call in the morning too!
  17. Thanks for the reply - I've literally just applied to equifax for an online credit rating - and after submitting my details, they asked me to ring them during office hours to 'answer some questions' - got me a tad worried, thus I thought I'd find a useful forum for some alternative advice until I do ring them tomorrow. I read on Moneysavingexpert to also apply to experian too, however it says I've previously applied for a credit file and to use my old login details - but I must've done that years ago as I can't remember doing so lol!
  18. Hi all, Firstly, I do apologise if the regulars have heard this a million times, but could really do with some advice on a personal level regarding some old debt. I moved out when I was 17 into my own flat and with no previous experience of money management, I got myself into trouble with various things - Natwest Overdraft, United Utilities, BT, Britania Music club, Council Tax, Welcome Finance & Sky. All overdue, never paid and haven't been since 2003 (moved out early 2005). Then I got another flat, left my debts, and kinda started again with the utilities - British Gas, United Utilities, BT (again, under a different surname)...until I moved out of this flat in late 2005) In 2006 I moved into a third flat, paid all my bills on time, learnt from my mistakes and kept my head above water. Then I got made redundant and fell at the last hurdle - I ended up oweing money to Virgin Media and I got an unsecured loan out under my name for my sister with Provident which she never paid (and neither did I) and never have. Moved from there in 2007. I am now 24 years old, and I live with my fiancee with her parents in a property that we've been in for 1 1/2 years. I have been on the electoral roll for all this time. I have one bank account, an easy cash account which I have held for about 2 years. I have not applied for any more credit, nor got any more debts under my name since the move. I am at a stage now where I look back on my debts and think 'what the hell were you playing at?' - I've matured and reflected and know I wouldn't do the same - however, I am now very worried that any chance of obtaining a mortgage in the future is going to be pretty slim for me. I doubt I can get a current account nor any credit should I want to. The debts that I have left have never come back to me - I don't receive letters, calls, visits or anything like that - to my knowledge they are all at my previous addresses and my details are not obtainable on the electoral roll for third parties as I chose not to disclose them. Having recently decided that I want to change my surname to that of my step father (as he brought me up, not my bio father), I am curious to know whether it would be wise for me to change my name, close my account, take my name off the electoral roll and start again. By this, I mean change my passport/driving license to my new name, and tell my University of the name change - then open an easy cash account with new passport and Uni letters - then put my new name on electoral roll and wait it out for 2 years until I graduate. If I don't declare my previous name, does this mean I'll have maybe a new credit rating - be it fair - poor as opposed to a 'DO NOT TOUCH THIS DUDE' credit rating I have now? Advice most welcome, apologies for the lengthy post!
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