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  1. I WON! My case got settled without them telling me. The money just appeared in my account this morning. Can you mark my case here as won? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/litigation-progress/19326-myoptika-lloyds-tsb.html?highlight=myoptika I'll be making a donation shortly.
  2. Still nothing. My warrant was accepted on 4th September. How much longer should I have to wait?
  3. Well, the 3 weeks is up so I ring the court. The bailiff's been on holiday so hasn't made an interim report yet. Grr.
  4. Hmm, they've charged me another £30 since this warrant was issued. How can I add that onto my request? Or do I have to go through a new claim for this amount?
  5. Cheapside, London, EC2V 6AJ (closest one to the County Court). I just want to ring them to inform them of the warrant and hopefully scare them into giving me my money before they do...
  6. Ok I rang the court and they said it could take up to three weeks for the bailiffs to get my money, which although annoying is understandable. I might give their local branch a ring to see if I can scare them into transferring the money across before that date. Does anyone have a direct number for the Cheapside branch, as all they have on the website is the utterly useless 0845 3000 000 number?
  7. Is there anyone who can answer my question? How long after the warrant being issued to the court bailiff should I expect some movement on this?
  8. Not yet, no. How long should I wait, do you think? Warrant was issued on 4th Sept...
  9. "Your warrant request has been accepted. The warrant has now been sent to the bailiff at the appropriate court for action." Good news?
  10. Judgement was entered on 30th August and still no sign of my money, so I'm issuing a warrant now. Another £55! At least I'll get it back... to think they could have saved £700+ in interest/court fees by just coughing up at the beginning...
  11. Yes, this is what I was expecting. I wasn't expecting them to just not bother! It's thrown me a bit, so I'm not sure what to do next as there doesn't seem to be any similar cases on here. Should I issue a warrant or wait a few days for them to pay or what??
  12. Do they often do this? I wouldn't have thought it would be allowed. How irritating.
  13. It was deemed served on 1st August for me too. They acknowledged on 3rd also but have not put forward a defence since. I put through a default on moneyclaim on 30th August (yesterday) and it was accepted this morning. Does this mean Lloyds now have to cough up??
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