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  1. Some cheaper discs (why do people insist on calling them rotors; do we always have to end up going American?) especially those from China are not heat treated and have to be handled carefully when new so as not to overheat them while bedding in. There are procedures for doing this which can be found on the internet so I won't reproduce all that here. Better quality discs won't need this bedding-in time as they are already heat treated but are more expensive as a result. Do you know what brand of discs Halfords used?
  2. Jet washers are well known for stripping paint. Live and learn. Next time get a bucket and sponge and wash it yourself; it's what I always do and never had a problem. Public liability insurance is not compulsory for a car wash outfit.
  3. I can see the dilemma. In an ideal world, the 'recommended' garage 80 miles away would agree to find the cause of the problem and fix it FOC. However as it's quite expensive even to diagnose will they be co-operative? They could take the car but then tell you it was something else anyway and as they have the car, how can you prove anything? So the options would appear to be: 1) Chalk it down to experience 2) Get an expert opinion as to the cause (costing £500?) and then possibly insist the 'recommended' garage fix it at their expense. They would probably baulk at paying the diagnostic fee arguing you should have returned it to them. They might want to oppose the 'expert opinion' in which case you'd be looking at taking them to court with added expense and risk. On balance, rather than either option it might be best to return it to the 'recommended garage' to see what their response is. There is always a chance they will admit it was their fault or it could be a part failed in which case the garage might be able to claim from the part manufacturer. Tough one!
  4. Albany are just a claims management company like many others. They don't really help you much to the extent that you may as well handle the claim yourself because that is easier than trying to get Albany to do something useful. I think it very unfair of Admiral to Palm you off to Albany for third-party liability claims; they should be there to help you recover your costs NOT to stitch you up with an expensive credit hire car for which you might have to pay if the TP won't.
  5. They are not long and if your sump plug is horizontal (on the side of the pan) wouldn't be a problem but I agree if at a 45 degree angle and with nothing else lower on the car like a crossmember, I would be wary.
  6. There is another solution I forgot which is to fit a Fumoto valve; cost £20 and you can still drain the oil: http://www.quickvalve.co.uk/ As these only have to be screwed in once you can use silicon sealer, JB Weld or whatever you like around the threads to be doubly sure they won't leak. Does depend whther the original sump hole has been enlarged by garage A though and any sort of insert or oversize plug fitted.
  7. With all due respect Conniff I expect a good part of the charge is for labour as getting a sump off can mean dropping the exhaust and even sub-frame these days. The main thing is that garage A probably did a good job of fixing the sump plug (after all the OP wasn't having to continually top up with oil as far as we know), it's just not to Vauxhall's liking which is the real issue. Sump plugs can be fixed quickly and cheaply in situ with one or more of the following: 1) Longer threaded bolt 2) Oversize sump plug 3) Re-tap thread 4) Re-tap and helicoil thread 5) If all else fails, just glue the sump plug in and use an oil extractor (uses dipstick tube) to change the oil You don't need a new sump and associated costs BUT because Vauxhall mechanics are just fitters and not engineers, that's all they can offer; maybe all their company policy allows them to offer (i.e. genuine Vauxhall original parts unmodified).
  8. He can't take it away if the latest garage have drained the oil out. I imagine the Vauxhall dealership want to return the sump and plug back to standard Vauxhall design and that is the real problem; they don't want to risk garage A's repair letting go (or else they just want some £££s by making a job out of it). probably if you took it to another local garage, they might be fine with the sump plug repair. Most places just suck the oil out anyway nowdays meaning you could use some sealer round the weepy bolt and never touch it again. There are certainly options that work out a lot cheaper than £367.
  9. Sounds like the garage 'over-spec' the cars and then refer disappointed owners to T&C's. Why have you left it for over 6 months though, the delay won't help if you do decide to take action?
  10. Yes it most certainly can. It happened to me. Was badly tracked by an incompetent garage and was pulling severely to the left. I undid the tie rod and wound it back to how it was originally (approximately) and hey presto, no more pulling.
  11. So whats special about them? Just google how to remove them. Video here:
  12. REALLY? I think insurance companies do exactly what they like irrespective of what the policyholder 'orders' them to do. Usually you get palmed off on a claims handling company who aren't much interested apart from flogging you an expensive credit hire car. Even for legal cover, the insurer will only take on cases they think they can win. You are living in cloud cuckoo land if you think "the insurance company must act as you wish"; show me anywhere where the terms and conditions or the law states that?
  13. If you go to the dealership, they should be able to sort you out with a replacement key for your locking wheel nuts. Alternatively you can try a motor factors who might stock a range and see if one will fit. There aren't that many designs so hopefully you can get a replacement without too much trouble. I think Draper might do a set with most styles in but you don't really want that do you, just the one that fits your wheel nuts. As to who was to blame; I guess strictly speaking the breakdown man should have ensured the locking wheel tool was carefully put back for you but its your word against his if they won't admit they didn't hand it back so I guess in that case it is your loss.
  14. If it is like the Audi then the M8 tensioner bolt needs replacing everytime as it is not really up to being reused. Who knows what happened except that either the mechanic didn't do something right (most likely) or there was a faulty bolt (less likely). Any news on progress indigo_lisa?
  15. "is this the only option ???" Probably. Complicated gearboxes are best avoided as are french cars in general.
  16. Tough being in car sales these days; everyone expects a 'new' condition car for peanuts and wants to start litigation if they don't get it. Why not inspect the car properly before you buy it?
  17. You have to bear in mind that had the trader done all the work you mention before selling the car, he would probably have wanted a lot more for it to cover his costs. A £1500 car can be expected to have some faults and as you say, none were visible. If you want a top-notch second hand car with warranteed condition, you need to go to a reputable dealer and pay through the nose for it; not expect to get the same service from a street trader. As you were able to fix it I would see if the trader will contribute and if not, then just move on. Life is too short for petty quarrels.
  18. Unfortunately I think legally, you have to give the seller/trader the option to correct the faults. As you went ahead and changed things yourself, I don;t think you have a leg to stand on however unfair that seems.
  19. It's a pity the police don't concentrate on finding the vandals and dealing with them rather than harassing and penalising the vehicle owner but unfortunateley it doesn't seem to work like that anymore.
  20. Friend took his Mondeo to Ford Main Dealer for service; after service oil looked black. They told him thats because they only suck out what oil they can; if he wanted it drained out via the drain plug he would have to pay more.
  21. Corrosion can be subjective; try cleaning up the bits you can see and coat with some smoothrite/hammerite paint then take it somewhere else.
  22. Most Quick/Fast fit centres just suck the oil out of the dipstick hole these days as do some main dealers (Ford) using an electric pump; it's quicker and cleaner for them and they can't mess up torquing the drain plug. However not as effective as a proper change. You are better off changing it yourself if you can.
  23. Good for you ! I don't see how they can claim to repay you 'Market value' and then use a trade only guide as their price. They should put you back in a position similar to what you were in before your loss. This, to me, means you should be able to replace your car in a relatively straightforward manner; not have to bargain hunt and mess around on eBay! Hence you should be entitled to the retail price of a replacement vehicle; not the cost price that only a trader can get. I am sure the balance will be in your favour on this one if it goes to court. Let us know the outcome !
  24. Which company is it? (so I can avoid them)
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