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  1. Just a quickie, thanks to everyone for the replies so far but i have a request for you all. I am aware of a number of different websites/forums similar to this one and will be posting a thread on them directing people to this forum, would you please all do some research to find other sites and either let me know which sites there are or put a post on directing people to this one or post my email adress requesting people to contact me. The more we all do the better the outcome, hopefuly! I'll be going to see them tomorrow and will update you all tomorrow evening. One last thing, I contacted wat
  2. Another snippet of information i have just found out is that the lending group's proper name is Best practice (UK) LTD, 16 Derwent Drive, Hayes, UB4 8DR The registered company number for both is 06399594. [EDIT] Best practice was incorporated on the 15th October 2007. They are a accounting, auditing and tax consult. As of yet I cn't find them on the t'interweb, i'll keep you all posted, thanks for all the replies so far, Paul
  3. Re the comments about the police not taking action any longer re these situations, thats not the case. If the lending group are taking money from peoples accounts without their authority i.e telling you that they need your account details for verification and then take out a sum of money then thats theft. If for example they tell you that they have found you a loan, get your authority to take your money but do not provide the service (the loan) and then take your money they are committing the offence of 'false representation' both these are criminal offences. I was told last Wednesday that the
  4. Right here we go, The lending group decided to take £49.99 from my bank account last month and didn't provide a service. 3 weeks down the line and no sight of any money, numerous calls later like most people on here and no joy. Told me I could have a refund as long as I sent them a copy of my bank statement, no chance! Little do they know that I am a serving police officer within GMP and work in Stockport where their office is based, let the games begin! Went to their office on my way to work, managed to get into reception, made my way onto the first floor, gained entry through the next
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