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  1. yes they got ccj i failed to keep up my payments,just couldnt afford it who should i contact cohen,the court or cl finance?
  2. please anyone help me?received a letter on 25th may from howard cohen asking to pay arrears of £810 or they would either 1.send bailiffs,2.apply for attachment of earnings or 3.apply for a charging order on property. i just ignored this letter.then on 1st july i recieved a letter from northamton cc asking to pay £172.25 i ignored this letter too!now i have recieved a letter from hmcs saying a bailiff is coming to remove goods from my house unless i pay£172.25 to cl finance FORTHWITH. any help much appreciated thanks billyboymeg
  3. Anyone Help Please,just Recieved A Letter Saying That I Was Sent A Notice Warning That Warrant Would Be Enforced Unless I Paid A Sum Or Contacted The Bailiff,you Ignored This Notice(which I Did). A Van Will Now Be Hired To Remove Goods From My House Unless The Sum Is Paid Forthwith.
  4. thanks dg,feeling a bit better now x
  5. cant actually remember signing an agreement what should i do?
  6. as i am only claiming back about £70 and i owe them £919(inluding court fee+solicitors costs) should i just agree with the claim to save a lot of messing about?sorry but really dont know what to do!
  7. wondering if anyone can help me replying to court,recieved papers 30th april,from howard cohen solicitors on behalf of cl finance,should i reply online defending the claim as i am in the process of reclaiming bank charges?any help much appreciated no idea what to do!
  8. should i respond online now?do i defend all the claim or just part?
  9. i have a claims company pursuing this claim should i talk to them about this?will they sort this out with my claim?will they charge me more?sorry but i may sound stupid but really dont know what to do! many thanks bbm
  10. thanks for the help dg,had letters from mbna but think i binned them!yes there are 2 names top left of papers one claimant cl finance. the other send documents to hc solicitor.got the details to respond to the claim will do this on internet.should i defend all of the claim?
  11. any more help please,issue date 27 apr 2009. no idea what to do now
  12. particulars of claim. the claimants claim is for the sum of 794.67 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a regulated credit agreement between the defendant and mbna europe bank limited under reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and assigned to the claimant on 20th march 2009 notice of which has been given to the defendant. the defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served upon the defendant pursuant to section87(1)of the consumer credit act 1974.the claimant claims the sum of 794.67
  13. what details would you like to know dg?
  14. hi michael this is a credit card claim
  15. still in the early stages os claiming not recieved anything from them yet,but only claiming about£150
  16. hi andrew.the payment is for the difference between the £12 and £35.says i cannot claim for the interest tho
  17. recieved the papers yesterday from court in northampton
  18. billyboymeg

    court papers

    recieved court papers from mbna owing them £900,but in the process of claiming back unfair charges what do i do?please anyone help?
  19. just recieved a letter from halifax offering goodwill payment of £104 dont think i accept this do i?anyone help please
  20. would like to know how long does the process of claiming cc charges take on average?had a claims company take care of my charges but dont seem to be getting anywhere. any info much appreciated
  21. halifax say my cc account closed in 2002,but still recieving statements and paying my payments to them.any help?
  22. thanks martin,i am still paying my payments to halifax,i asked for the last 6 years statements but got a reply saying they closed my account in 2002,i have been paying my min.every month(mostly),and have some late payment fees,i have still been receiving statements every month.i dont know if my account is closed or not it says my credit limit is 1200,but i have no available credit.my balance is 249
  23. please help.i am tring to claim charges back from halifax cc but they say they closed my account in 2002.i am still recieving statements and paying them(sometimes) still recieving charges aswell.any help please
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