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  1. ok guys ill give it a go keep you updated. cheers
  2. Its amazing really the housing estate is filled with private parking bays mrs parks on the road. What damages has she caused? How has she entered into a contract apart from driving passed a sign that she didnt see? I just dont get how they can invoice you for something you didnt realise. Its like saying as you walked to my door as the post man i had a bit of paper in my window that said for every step you take on my land to the post box you will have to pay £5 then trying to sue him for it
  3. guys the ranting isnt very constructive in my request for help.
  4. private parking not from council. Im in 2 minds pay and forget or Have loads of letters and stress and then maybe court.
  5. Hi Just got some advice from my unions lawyer. She said "pay it as it will end up in court for definate and it will cost you at least £170 for that. If it goes to court and i refuse to say who was driving the judge will probably just tell me to pay anyway" Any thoughts
  6. i mean entering into a contract warning signs not street signs
  7. well im going to do what you guys said and ignore em. If i feel like replying use the templates and see where it goes.
  8. Update: The first 6 m of the estate are adopted by the council after this it is private land. The signs are at the entrance to the streets and are actually located adjacent to the adopted road and not in the estate. Trading standars have said that they have put the signs up and the only way it will be resolved is by a jude in court. Thanks
  9. thanks I would not ever give any details about myself or my car or the address. But thanks for the reminder of that. So ignore. When they write follow the templates as a guide. Has anyone actually ended up in court for this in these forumns ?
  10. Well its like this i dont want to pay em obviously but im not sure if i fight them am going to get canned for loads more ?
  11. Hi guys hope you can shed some light on this. My wife gained a parking ticket from a private contractor:| My wife today parked in a street. This street is part of a complex run of streets that provide parking bays for the residents of the town houses. Now there are 2 red signs on the way into the street speaking of contactual agreements and such. 1. She did not park in a bay but on a the road 2. They have ticked unathorised parking, no displayed permit, obstructive parking. 3. They have not recorded the time of the offense. 4. I am the registered keeper not her. 5. There a
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