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  1. it is always advisable to take legal advice, many solicitors have these 30 min free conultations on offer. So if you have one near you then use it, bottom line is though if you havent commited the offence then it is a letter of denial and put the onus back to them. They will either continue harrasing you with further letters (almost guaranteed) take you to court (nobody taken yet) or drop it (if you provide them with nothing more than a denial then this is likley eventually)
  2. QWERTY This is the whole point of the way this "litigation" operates is to scare you. Now if you havent "uploaded" the material in question then the best advise anybody will give is to reply to their letter denying this. Do not give any more info than a denial. to date nobody has been taken to court .......... that in itself should speak volumes. in the unlikley event you were taken to court then ACS law would have to show on the balance of probablities that you did it. If all you have given them is a letter of denial they have very little to go on. Their evidence wo
  3. well you do have to be careful, its not beyond some people with a vested interest to "encourage people to pay to make it go away" ......... when actually paying up admints the "offence" and all but destroys any further defence if and when they come back for more .... hard to deny it was you when you have previously admited the same
  4. hmmmmmmmmmm when this was posted it ended Best Wishes AC ............... I thought could this be a certain person whose initials are AC so off i trotted to an earlier post to check that for the same initials (not there), then when coming back i find the AC edited out .......... am i paranoid or is something smelling fishy
  5. Oh dear a certain firm has 2 unpaid county court judgments against it ....... Northampton CCBC, 9/3/2010, case number 0QT18910, £3,556 and from its previous address ....... Newbury Court, 10/05/2007, case number 7NB00477, £5,690. Wonder what they are for, can it be found out easily enough? ........... perhaps unpaid Royal Mail invoices!!!! Just shows the kind of organisations we have out there administering "justice for their clients"
  6. Dear All, in 2006 I took out a mortgage of 50k with the Halifax, at the same time I was sold PPI for illness/redundancy by the estate agent (halifax estate agents arranged sale of my house, new motgage and PPI) Having picked up recently on all the news on miss selling im beggining to think i was possibly miss sold. Any thoughts or help would be welcome. My facts. At the time of the mortgae application and PPI sale i was and im still severely disabled (paraplegic wheelchair user, all sorts of possible medical complications lie in wait!) I am full time employed in higher ed
  7. I am definately inclined to write back to the council, undecided yet wether to demand an appology and a reraction of their letter or to question wether or not they are abusing their powers with their threatograms they send out. Clearly their letter "under caution" demanding that i either admit the alleged offence or tell them who did it and accept a £75 fixed penatly or be charged under a different section of the environment protection act and face a £5000 fine or up to 6 months in jail is purley and simply designed to intimmidate "citizens" into coughing up £75 ......... incidently the r
  8. Hi all, Thanks for your advice, just to update you on how things went. I ignored the letter asking me for details "under caution" and did not hear anything for a number of weeks, i then receieved another letter asking me to attend an interview "under caution" failure of me to do this or provide details of the driver then it would be passed to their legal department for prosecution stating ""I must inform you that if it is not possible to determine from youwho the person responsible for the offencewas, then section 33(5) of the environmental protection act 1990 sections 33 & 87 pr
  9. Hi teddy2shy, FIrst thing, are or were you in a Union? these would be best placed to argue your case for you because if you go to tribunal you have to foot the bill yourself,win o0r lose!. Also were you given the opportunity to take along a workplace colleague at your dismisal hearing. Just a thought that if your employer has not followed greivence procedures you could appeal your dismissal! If it was me id be playing up the IBS (see this link The Gut Trust - Irritable Bowel Syndrome support, advice, self management and advocacy - Disability Discrimination Act ) as you could be
  10. Ok all thanks for your replys and advice, I am minded to just ignore the letter from the council requesting details ect . i presume so they can positivley identify somebodyto issue a FPN to. the missus is getting a bit twitchy though in case i do get summoned and found guilty then the penalty would probably be higher. i know this will boil down to my word agains the enforcement officers . from what ive checked out on google it seems the enfforcement officers tend to be beleived over the "accused" .. so much for not living in a police state! However ........ the opening paragraph
  11. Ok, i jumped the gun a bit, what i have actually received is a form requesting details of the driver at the time of the "alleged" offence. Might be a bit long winder ..... please bearwith me. This form starts off giving me a caution "you do not have to respond to these questions, but it may harm your defence blah blah blah Then requests personal details before going on to thequestions. Question 1 - can you confirm the name and address of the person responsible for the above littering incident? please provide full name address, date of birth ect Question 2 - where yo
  12. Hi Ilama Will check the regs when i get home and post more info, I still find it hard to beleive that a council can issue a FPN on the word of their officer! and presume my guilt without supplying me any other information. This is maddening but the options they give you are take the £75 hit now or face up to £2500 and a criminal record from the magistrates ....... annoying to say the least. even if i was "guilty" of littering i would be inclined to fight this out on a principle of No evidence!
  13. Hi All As the registered keeper of our family vehicle, I have received as fixed penalty notice for £75 out of the blue for littering from our car, thing is i do not remember the committing the alleged offence ....... The FPN just states a male littering from driver window with vehicle details. any ideas on how to go about this or should i just accpet the FPN! ..... one point of interest is that the "enforcement officer" has desscribed my car as white when it is silver. could this throw doubt on his/her observational powers. I find it strange and annoying that they can threaten cour
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