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  1. Submitted it as a formal complaint. They've offered me now 25% off TV and 50% off phone line for 3 months, but I'm still at a loss if I accept, so I said I want the complaint resolved.
  2. Here is the detail of my complaint to Sky, posted earlier today. Any feedback welcome... DATE: 25/7/11 Dear sirs, On or around 4/6/11 I met with a Sky representative, advisor ID: ASA: 11167 ID: 0268 at Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield. I was offered Sky TV, Broadband and Talk services, with free HD Box, Variety and Discovery channels at a subscription of GBP 40.50 per month. My requested TV setup date was 10/6/11 and 22/6/11 for the installation of line/TV. At the meeting of 4/6/11, I asked the representative whether Sky would cancel existing services with my current provider. The representative said, "yes, you won't have to do anything, we'll do all that for you. Don't worry about it." I also asked him, "will I still be able to watch BBC Iplayer and ITV Player - the recorded programme services - from my TV like with Virgin?" The representative said, "Yes." Contingent to these conditions, I agreed to start the contract with Sky. On or around 22/6/11, the sky installer installed the Sky television and prior to this date; on or around 10/6/11 we received a new telephone number. We received this piece of equipment on or around 10/6/11. The sky installer did not install the Sky modem for the broadband. On 25/7/11, I made a telephone call to Virgin Media because my bills were continuing to be charged from them in addition to Sky. On this call, to Janet Banks at Virgin media and a male colleague of hers, she said that, "We have received no note from the company, your number with us is still active and Sky did not even port the number. So your contract is still going on all services and your phone number is still active and you are using our broadband." At around 10.00 a.m on 25/7/11, I made a call to the service centre of Sky in Portsmouth, and spoke to "Natasha". Natasha apologised profusely and said that Sky should have contacted Virgin. She also said that Sky normally could not cancel Virgin themselves and that the Sky representative was wrong to have told me that the contract with Virgin would be cancelled. She also admitted that this was a common problem that was happening a lot for new Sky customers and that the representatives should not be telling new customers this would take place. The person at the call centre, Natasha, communicated that giving me a refund for 3 months of service which I had to pay twice for should be no problem and spent approximately 5 minutes calculating the refund amount which she said was approximately GBP 123. She then asked to put me on hold so she could calculated the refund amount properly and when she returned, she said Sky would not be able to issue the refund because a colleague had said to her that it was a Virgin mistake. Considering that Sky made no effort whatsoever to contact Virgin or inform them of my change of service to Sky, as had been promised by the Sky representative, and Virgin has said they have received no communication from Sky at all, and given that this is a "common problem" according to Sky staff who had said that a refund would be issued, I am requesting this matter be dealt with by way of formal complaint. Sky has admitted that this problem is common and should not be happening and that the sales representative miscommunicated the detail on the contract. Therefore, I am respectfully requesting a full refund of the first three bills from Sky so that I am not having to pay both companies, contrary to what Sky promised at the initial meeting. Contingent on this refund being made promptly and within the next 14 days, I will continue the contract with Sky as planned. Please note, that I reserve the right to contact the Ombudsman if this issue is not resolved within 8 weeks from the date of this email. Please also note, I reserve the right to cancel all future payments on this account, and to claim back all costs to the account and other expenses deemed relevant on taking detailed legal advice, as I believe I have been intentionally misled by the Sky representative and the staff at the call centre and that the verbal agreement to have all the services from the previous provider has not been kept. Yours sincerely, NAME AND ADDRESS.
  3. Hi, I made the mistake of joining Sky and the sales rep said that all the services with my previous provider would be cancelled so I wouldn't have to do anything. 2 and a half months later and I'm being billed by both companies. I want a refund from sky because Virgin have said that they've received no contact whatsoever from Sky. Sky are being very evasive saying one thing then another, apologising, offering refund, then going back on that and saying it was a Virgin mistake. Please help me to get the money back for my kids and I.
  4. Been a willing customer with Tiscali for four full years. Sometimes paying in excess of £100 per month for phone/internet. Rang to cancel on 16/7/09 and vacated property on 21/7/09, no further use of service. They are saying the cancellation procedure was not carried out because I hung up the phone (untrue) and billing me for a further month despite no use of their service and being unable to use their service since moved out of the property on 21/7/09. I have paid them £1000s over the last 4 years and they haven't the decency to cancel my £30 direct debit when I requested or confirm that I will not be billed for the month AFTER I cancelled. They are asking for proof of tenancy from new address. I want to take action, I am appalled. I also want to cancel my direct debit but am afraid they will try to do me for not paying the bill. Really disgusted by the treatment I've received and having to pay for 1 hour of phone calls to them with no result. I hope they go under ASAP.
  5. You are always welcome back here, Clemma, we'll keep the door open behind you or leave the keys in the jar.
  6. Sure thing Happyfeet. You wrote a kind comment, then you see that I mention a three letter word (God) and suddenly I'm trying to convert you to something against your will and I've lost your attention. I found that a snap judgment considering you'd just made a valid comment, then suddenly I've discredited myself by trying to add something I thought was fun to the thread. I am sorry if you feel insulted by my aggressive approach to that, but you stand up for the good in this thread, finally show the intelligence to accept there could be an iota of hidden truth in my writing, then suddenly you're joining the naysayers within seconds because I put up a stupid graphic and joked that clicking on it could give you a direct line to God. That's irritating to me, and I take your point (both Clemma and HappyFeet now). I was wrong. It is a very good lesson for me to learn about various things from this forum interaction. Thank you (and bless you - whatever that means to you).
  7. I never said I'm here to be polite. Politeness an outdated British tradition that makes us look like a joke to much of the rest of the planet. I would say you ought to take a look at yourself and your own comments after your judgments as they seem to reflect your contribution to this thread rather than the bulk of my own.
  8. Thank you for acknowledging me. Sounds like good thinking to me. I have edited post. Mod requested me to do some stuff already...my post (20) was inappropriate actioning of that request. That is how quick the mind can pull you back in to negativity and also why I recommend WRITING because it engages your brain more. Doesn't leave you with the attention span of a goldfish.
  9. There is a field in academia called positive psychology. I wrote a book about it after my masters. The guy who wrote the above is what doctors of positive psychology might consider a total neg-head - look at his language - he holds in mind thoughts of "dread"; "poor desperate person" and "tosh" - speaks for itself if you look at it that way. What makes you feel better: "dread" "poor desperate person" "tosh" or "peace of mind" "wealthy, honest, successful person" "truth" Simply notice how you feel and what you think when you read the above 2 sets of words. Negativity can literally drag you down and that is the last thing you need when you're already at a rock bottom because it seems like every credit or penalty related co is out to get you for a lot of people when the kind of stuff that happens on this forum happens. I'm merely suggesting a different way of going about bills. I don't think that writing "I thank and bless you" on your bills for an experiment is something that should raise concern about the common good. It's NOT an alternative to taking the proper and appropriate action. I should have made that clearer and I apologise for not doing so. Changing your attitude towards bills by writing your own handwritten positive notes on them is an adjunct and an experiment that can be tried by anyone who has an open mind, not a replacement for taking any company to the cleaners where appropriate. This has to be done, and I recognise that, which is why I made a meal of my Natwest post documenting everything that had happened. So this isn't just cloud cuckoo BS, it is something that can be deduced by normal reasoning to make a logical difference. Read up on THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT in wikipedia. You will then understand better why doing the "I thank you for blessing me" shananigans might set in motion the opening of doors towards wealth and success to you, or increasing abundance if you're already financially free (as in you can do what you want, with whom you want when you want and never have to worry about money again...ever. Peace.
  10. I always got told that if you drop fruit - such as an apple core, banana skin, it is legal, because that stuff is biodegradable. Is that true that dropping apples cores or peach stones is legal? I do this sometimes, normally aiming for the gutter though. By the way... "I hereby bless the above situation and declare it resolved in peaceful and harmonious ways that bring only blessing and opportunity to all concerned." Say it with total and 100% conviction, then click the button for good measure.
  11. I'd like to open up the doors of possibility to this post. Imagine yourself relaxing and then put yourself in to a state of complete conviction that what you are about to say is the absolute truth of the matter. As you believe, so you will receive... "I now declare from the infinite resources of the universe come an easy 5 fold return to the poster on the total fine through unexpected means either right now or sometime in the very near future in an empowering and enjoyable way. This ticket is now turned in to an immediate blessing and source of peace, inspiration and relaxation. Everything is possible. Yes indeed, there is mutual acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and speedy resolution for the best of all involved. Now. Done. Over. Next."
  12. I now decide to bless this situation and declare it is 100% resolved in full for the highest good of all involved. This situation is totally resolved for the poster in the best possible way. It is an opportunity and a blessing in disguise. I declare it so. Only harmony and peace can result from it. Everyone wins. End of story.
  13. Hi Daniella, I cannot predict the outcome of taking the action for you. May be some money will come your way immediately, may be not. May be life will get worse at first, may be it will get better straight away. My experience of using this "formula" of changing the way I see my bills (ie that they are blessings, and I love to pay them and be grateful for them) means that I NEVER have a bad call to the company. I ALWAYS get total cooperation in EVERY circumstance I can think of that could possibly cause the kind of stress that would be all over this forum if it weren't for the amazing solutions available here. Bills don't have to be stressful, neither do companies need to be a source of bad feelings. Whose feelings are they? What do they do for you? Do they help? Do they resolve the situation? No on all counts, and they're yours. So why not decide to have good feelings instead then? Duh. When you put it like that... It's just a stupid ego war. Wanting to blame a big bad org who wants everything they can get out of you. Yes, it's a business, it doesn't care about your welfare, why should it, it is not your freakin doctor. What are you going to do then? Beat yourself up even more? Change the freakin' record! Love yourself, send them love, too. It's not their fault as much as it's not your fault, so give everyone a break, especially you, and let it go. Write a blessing on your bills. Do something different. If you keep on doing the same old things, you'll keep on getting the same old results, that is to be sure to be sure. I have PM'd you to answer your questions. I hope it helps. It is always easy to empathise with people and support them in their problems. It is a lot harder to say, actually you created your problems and you are 100% responsible for everything, now uncreate them, and here is a tool to assist you, it is down to you to overcome any resistance or limitation to doing so, so just get on with it, and by the way, I'm very glad I didn't create such a bad quality of problems or I'd be in a right mess. Not only the prayer card, a compliment on how great he's looking today, too and a great big smile and a thank you so much. You're not doing it for him, you're doing it for you. Make a mental note to remind yourself of this statement in a thousand years. Oh and ask yourself if you'll still have that body at that time, too. (that is not personal to DD, it is for anyone reading the prior sentence)... In answer though, yes it is a long time. Actually, you could see and feel results after first time of doing this excercise. I put 5 years, because there's bound to be people who a) don't even try this once, and yet claim to be the authority and expert on it because they "already know it won't work" - they've convinced themselves - they are still foolish enough to believe it is better to be right than happy. b) try it once or twice, may be even three or four times and get dismayed or disgruntled because of the feelings of objection that may very well inevitably get stirred up, and then give up, because sometimes, life is just tough. In short, it is not neccessarily a quick fix - I cannot guarantee you will win the lottery if you write "Thank you" on your bills from now on. At the same time, don't rule it out.
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