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  1. Thanks for all the responses, I like the idea of the signature with the cross through it! The problem is that the mortgage has now been bought/sold and taken over so many times it is difficulty to keep up, the latest outfit (The Morthage Works) who are now responsible for the day to day administration are absolutely terrible and in the rare times when they do respond the information is normally completely inaccurate. Unfortuantly it look like I will have to jump through their rather annoying hoops and we will see what happens next. Will keep you informed. Actually one last
  2. Hi citizen B, Thanks for the response, hopefully you can read my original SAR request letter as that was a PDF. I have re-attached the response from Nationwide as a PDF to this post so hopefully it works. Thanks GBI SAR_Response_InfoNotFound_Nationwide_080911.pdf
  3. Hi All, new to this and hope you can help and also hope I am in the correct forum? We have had a mortgage with E-MEX Home Funding for 6 years now, it was originally with Kensington, changed to Rooftop and now is with E-MEX who are owned by Nationwide Building Society at the top of the tree. We had some financial difficulties several years ago and ran up an arrears balance which we are currently reducing, throughout the process EMEX have been extremely aggressive in their chasing (we currently have a suspended possession order which they have tried to enforce on several occasions un
  4. Hi RC, I am not sure it was the bailiff's fault yesterday, he seemed like a nice guy and was genuinely embarassed about the situation. He was continuously bombarded by calls from his office while the events unfolded and admitted to me he was new to the job and was not happy with what was being done!! I will PM you the full details of the story so far and would happily join your campaign and also promote to other people who have suffered the same. My main issues of complaint were the fact that Newlyn had charged me for 3 visits I know they did not make and then their blatant atte
  5. I have just had exactly the same, they wrote to me on 6th Jan claiming claiming £420.09 for 3 apparent visits to clamp my vehicle. I work from home everyday and the car is for most of that time, I did not receive any paperwork from them or a knock on the door. I phoned them upon receipt of the letter to challenge and they insisted that I put this in writing. I did this and have not had a response. Last night they came and clamped my car demanding the total of £548.09, I managed to convince the bailiff to release the clamp if I paid him £200 then and the balance today, he agreed! Fir
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