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  1. I ordered a dress a few days ago online with boohoo.com. The dress has arrived but boohoo.com haven't deducted any money from my bank card for it. I don't want to wear the dress as I technically haven't paid for it. I have an email to say the transaction was complete and that the amount had been deducted...but it hasn't and I have the item
  2. I bought a dress on Friday the 13th of February and I returned it on the 14th February for a refund on my card. The girl who was serving me was new and getting trained and wasnt sure if the transaction had gone through to refund me but the receipts the pill printed out said it had. I wasn't too concerned at the time as I have worked in a retail shop before and the till doesnt normally print the recipt if the refund hasnt gone through. Well i still havent got the refund in my bank account. I rertuned other items on saturday and the sunday and both these refunds are in my account as of Monday morning. I still have the receipts from the store. How long should I wait before I should be really worried? Is it 5 working days for a refund? thank you
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