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  1. I now have letters from both of them stateing that neither of them have any recordings of any calls made re selling of my ppi.... Norton have also stated that they were only allowed to sell FP ppi only ! nortons have also quoted from a call that was not recorded ! That i was told that the policy was only 5 years. total rubbish and that lee never had life insurance which he has had for over 10 yrs I have no separate ppi paperwork expaining the cost of loan with/without ppi they also said they told me this in the phone call that is not recorded! How the hell can they remember that ! it was 5 yrs ago ! their is only brief notes taken by the sales person which they have sent me ..saying i want ppi cover thats it! My complaint has been with the FOS for a couple of months now but not yet with a adjudicator:mad: will forward these letters to them..
  2. getting no where fast with Firstplus or the broker norton finance...so spoke to FOS today and they told me to send 1 more letter to first plus and get their final response and once i have that send it to them and they will take it from there ! Wish me luck i am not giving up on this one !
  3. I rang the FOS this morning and explained a bit about my miss selling issue and they sain Norton finance sold me the ppi so it is their responsibility... so i am waiting for the SAR to come back from them to see what my next move will be...
  4. very pushy sales man said firstplus favour people who have their ppi and it would go through quicker. did not explain single premium policy ie 5 yr cover but pay over 20yrs..to name but a couple... Had sar back today...no recordings of any calls....etc.Waiting for the one back from Norton Finace seeing as they were the broker and it was their sales man who came round ! who would tell me how much commission was paid to nortons...would it be fp or nortons? PPI and loan all hand written on i piece of paper on First plus paper...
  5. forgot to say that nortons did not record phone calls in 2004 is that true any one know ? How do i find out the sales mans name ?
  6. am bloody fuming !! spoke to nortons today to ask for salesman name who visited us and sold us the ppi and guess what ?? There is no record of any agent coming to our house !! There is no recordings of any phonecalls !.. The aggreement we have is hand written not printed.They want a copy of it to try and match up the writing ! I can narrow the dates down to a few days. They admit to selling the policy but as it is fp policy it their responsibility, as they only sold fp ppi with a fp loan .Also sent a sar to nortons today. HELP HELP HELP
  7. they make me so so angry My agreement/loan is with FIRSTPLUS...they take my money each month not Norton bloody finance . Will do another letter to them on monday and say this ! It worries me that it was may 2004 we took out the awful loan so the FOS may be of no help to me ? anything else i can quote to them !
  8. Thanks....do i now do another letter to firstplus saying i want them to look again at my case? Still waiting for my sar to come back from them ! do i word it that my loan/agreement is with fp so they are responsible ! I am going to fight this all the way !
  9. Recieved my reply from Firstplus regaurding my ppi complaint this is what it says.... Unfortunately as the insurance policy was actually sold to you by Norton finance ltd Firstplus is not privy to the sales calls and as such are not in a position to investigate whether the policy was sold in line with FSA guidelines on suitability. I have passed your letter to Sally Gent,the compliance manager @ Norton today.... and finally if you needto speak to me ring.........Russel Green.. There were no sales calls as the man came to our house.....I dont have any paperwork in Norton Finance at all ! all in First plus paperwork.... SARN also went to first plus....was it a waste of time should it have gone to norton.....who i might add i had no idea it was them i was dealing with !!! Totally confused...what do i do...how can i know he really sent the letter off do i now ring norton or what !!!! [[email protected]?subject=Reporting post http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.html?p=19930533][/email]
  10. Have not yet recieved a reply as only sent it off on monday...wonder what they will say ? How long did you guys have to wait for your first reply ? Will let you know as soon as i get anything.
  11. we took the loan & ppi out in may 2004 does this go against us as i keep reading that it was all different then and not so regulated ?
  12. Today i sent my first letter off to firstplus ! recorded delivery of course. miss selling reason being the usual.... 5 yr policy costing me nearly £30,000 yet only valid for 5yrs.... very pushy sales man who never explained this at all and said it would help my loan go through quicker & easier....bet he got a nice big commission! Wish me luck.....how long do they take to reply any one know ! I know its early days but i feel a bit better now knowing i have done some thing about it !
  13. should i get a SARN before i send the letter off ?
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