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  1. Reply to letter received today. Fife council admitted receipt of the repayment offer letter (ended up in wrong dept and was not redirected in good time). They have accepted the repayment proposal and removed the 10% summary warrant charge. However, they have not sent payment details but insist payment commence 01/07/2010 or warrant/charges will be restored. Want to pay, can't pay as no instructions received And as I'm sure you know, you can't pay Fife council by cheque anymore. All we can do is send another letter requesting payment details, by the time they reply ano
  2. Thanks for the info Ida. There were no reminders sent, only correspondence relating to the overpayment of council tax benefit. The previous correspondence from Fife council invited a repayment proposal. A repayment proposal was sent but not replied to. To me this is yet another case of computer generated lists going to court because someone didn't do their job and deal with the case properly. I guess the council would deny receiving the proposal (just like they denied receiving the updated WTC award) and say proper procedure was followed. It seems very unfair that we sh
  3. Not mine but I am helping a friend deal with this. I'll post as if it is my problem though THE BACKGROUND Self-employed Lived in Fife Mar 2008 - Mar 2010 Moved to Edinburgh Provided fife council with accounts and WTC award letters each year Turns out they did not action on an increase in WTC Fife council say did not receive declaration Result - overpayment of council tax and housing benefit. Appeal process undertaken appeal denied Have to accept overpayment has to be met. Made offer of repayment schedule to housing benefit (accepted) Made offer of
  4. I know what you mean, but the council's agent's are like a broken record. "not liable" "not liable" "not liable" There's little point in entering into further corresponce with them. I'll just get the same response. My solicitors in an unrelated case. From their experience, they stated that I had very little chance of success if I took it to court. To be clearer, I asked on a "walk and talk" after being in court with them. They didn't dismiss it completely and I'm in the process of putting a detailed case with all correspondence for their perusal. Hop
  5. Hi Lee I checked my report and the default has been removed. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. Legal advisor told me the council self-insures, so rules are different. I don't understand why, but he certainly wasn't interested in taking the case. There are more lawyers I can try in Edinburgh, and I will.
  7. The council's agents refuse to send out their assessor. Damage is definitely from above. There is only one flat above mine, besides I have a letter admitting that the council plumber fixed the leak. I'm not letting this go. Local newsaper was contacted recently, hopefully they will be interested.
  8. I took legal advice on Tuesday and apparently if I can't prove negligence then the council are not liable. Guess I'll approach the local newspaper, maybe shame the council into paying.
  9. Howdy Lee Got your email. Thanks for sorting this out. I don't want to appear nit-picky HOWEVER VF may have it on record that they sent a closing bill. I did not receive this bill. I'll check my credit report in a week and let you know if it has been removed.
  10. Hi Lee I found a PDF stating my contract start date Also found a word doc dated 26-11-2008 giving VF notice to cancel Shall I PM them to you?
  11. Done And Pm replied to Thanx for the help I'll be back later
  12. Thanx peeps I tried to send VF an email but when I hit submit i get this; Error:The page you are trying to access is not available. Please contact the administrator for more details.
  13. I terminated my agreement with VF after the minimum period in Dec 2008. I have just discovered that they defaulted me on 05/05/2009. They did not contact me after their initial efforts to keep me on board. So I don't have any information from them in order to fight this. What do I do?
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