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  1. Thanks for the advice,have been googling everything I could on them the past few days. Though from what I have been reading if they do come around the police won't get involved saying its a civil matter?Or that these repo guys turn up very very early or middle of the night? Maybe it would be best to move the car far away from where we are.... What would happen if they can't find it,would they pursue the debt as a personal debt .I mean that they would send letters demanding the full amount etc and all that entails?
  2. Will also SAR them.This is the first month since taking out loan we have been unable to pay them (was due today) so was unsure on what procedure they take,if any. I know phonecalls and texts as my husband received a text when he was 24 hours late making a payment four months or so ago. But after reading through a lot of this forum it seems they will send 'baliffs' around to take the car won't they.I will start the ball rolling tomorrow but just anxious and wondering how long it would take them to send people around.
  3. Yes it was 9 years old when loan was taken out. I will try and upload it tomorrow morning with my sons help(tech challenged lol),but can tell you the lender signature is same guy who signed as witness on BOS paper he gave us. I will get onto Trading Standards first thing also.
  4. Ah I see ,thank you. But where would this leave us?Is it worth us trying to get them to accept reduced payments,though this would just serve to bump up extra interest wouldn't it. Aargh,so angry with myself for getting involved with these people. We can't afford the MOT which is almost due so the car will be off the road. Also is it true a bill of sale cannot be applied on cars over 8 years old?Ours being 10 years old. We are at a loss as to which would be best course of action to take.CAB tried to help this morning though he said he thought it was just similar to a HP agreemen
  5. But thats the thing,we can't pay the loan,we have struggled greatly the past few months and now we won't be able to cover the cost of the MOT also. Would they chase us for 1000's even if we give the car over in the way of 'charges' and interest they deem fit? I know I am being dim but honestly don't know which move to make. We cannot afford to do the MOT and continue paying this loan,the car will fail the MOT we are sure. Its a complete nightmare. I know they are ****,preying on the most vunerable and we also know we were stupid to have approached them in the first place.
  6. I have been reading frantically through this sub-forum since yesterday when I found it trying to gather bits of info to inform myself with. Invaluable forum and info so thank you everyone in advance. Right long story so will keep it brief and to point. My husband took a loan out with MM last November for £700 ,so stupid in hindsight but we weren't thinking straight and needed a short term loan to get us through due to work being reduced with the recession. We were told the car had to be 10 years old or younger(though I have just read that a BOS cannot be applied to a car ov
  7. Thanks Erika for the help. And thanks everyone for the advice .
  8. So I couldn't just let the date pass and it would be closed by them? Or phone and tell them?The letter gave the impression that it would be closed if I didn't get the info in by the specified date.
  9. Ok we have decided we don't need the hassle and constantly worrying that HB is going to overpay or keep asking for more info. Far easier to try and pick up a bit of extra work.Its hard enough trying to keep on track with tax credits,don't need more things to worry. So as regards to the letter asking for more payslips,details of the bank account and needing child benefit letter :if we want to not proceed with the claim do we just allow it to run past the date they need it by and then they will cancel the application or do I need to put something in writing? Sorry to ramble but I pan
  10. Hi honeybee, They said that the dates on wage slips were no good now and had to have the latest five weeks,no questions.I did ask and see why but was told thats the way it is. Also telling me I need to get a copy of child benefit letter(just moved so would need to ring and request new one sent out) despite me asking a few times at the start were they sure I didn't need that and was told no don't worry ,your bank statements show it going in and tax credit award shows their names. And now would have to try and get hold of two months statements from DH bank account in France.He uses t
  11. I will try and make it as brief as possible. I filled a claim form for housing benefit beginning of April and was told they needed to see current tax credit award letter so finally three weeks later I get it and take to them. Forward another three weeks and I have received a letter requesting more info to proceed with claim: Up to date payslips(as now others are out of date) Child benefit letter(which I asked would I need at start and they said no bank statement would verify that) And details of account to which I had made a few small bank transfers. This I didn't think of
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