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  1. there is only myself living here and i have a cooker, i only have the 2 sofas as seating and a bean bag lol
  2. the levy is as follows: 2 seater cream sofa 3 seater cream sofa TV PS3 TV unit Coffee table Microwave the amount is for 776.00 in total, including charges by Rossendales thanks
  3. well thought i had better update, no one has rung or even came round! (how annoyed am i!!) all that stressing for nothing. I'am sending my paperwork in by recorded post and will just carry on paying my payments. Thanks for all your help guys!
  4. right thank you, i have found some great comfort in the advice from u guys! u should set up a business im going to just ignore the door and send correspondence via signed recorded post, then they cant make excuses up... right i have had a few herbal teas and now lets hope i can sleep. thank you again! ill let u know how i get on. "it's not until we have lost everything that we are free to do anything"
  5. ok thank you, ill just go to work and make sure everything is locked up. looking at a bigger picture. how do i get this resolved? as i have tried speaking to the "company" rossendales who advise that the bailiff will now take care of the debt. so should i just 1st class recorded deliver my paperwork, instead of faxing it, then i can be sure they have received it and just carry on making my payments? it is amazing how many people have this problem from what ia have ben reading and yet still bailiffs are still legal!!?
  6. hi thank you for your patience and great help im meant to be at work tomorrow so would it be better for me to just go to work and not be here when he comes or is it better for me to be here? sorry if that sounds stupid. i have been looking through allot of these threads, i don't know how some of these people sleep at night!
  7. thanks ploddertom, on the "list" is 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, ps3, tv, tv unit, table, pc and monitor. Im just at a blank of what im meant to do in the morning? do i let him in? if he is with police or not? so confusing as i have read on other forums that they will come with police and force entry with a locksmith? it is all very confusing!?
  8. Hi thanks for your reply, they have tv, ps3 x2 sofas and other bits (all of which are mine), but what really gets me is that i have paid them 2 payments and now they are coming to take away my goods!? (infuriating? i think so..) yeah i have looked on this forum and on the web and it all seems to be the same, once that one piece of paper is signed then no stopping them. grrr!
  9. Hi i have recently been in trouble for not paying my council tax, i know i should have paid it in the first place, ergo i would not be in this position, but i have been in touch with rossendales who have been out for a "chat" and asked me to sign a form which i was under the impression would mean i can pay in monthly instalments, the guy who came was nice and friendly who talked me through what i had to do, so i then faxed of the 2 forms they left with me to their head office which fax no. was on the top of the form, both forms are regarding income etc, i have since made 2 payments and rece
  10. Hi, Just a quick update. Followed the advice in this thread, and ignored any further letters. I received a series of ever increasing invoices, and finally an ultimatum for £300, and the threat of court action, which may or may not be enforced within the following 6 years. I suspect the latter... I received the PCN over a year ago now, and havent heard anything for months. So a final thankyou for the advice on this forum, and a note to any others who may find themselves in a similar situation with private parking enforcers... dont pay it! Kind Regards, F.
  11. Once again guys, thanks for your quick responses. I will keep this thread updated with progress, and hopefully it will serve as a further point of reference for those experiencing similar problems with PPCs. Cheers, F.
  12. Hi, I have recevied a second notice in bold red type: *** "YOU MUST NOT IGNORE THIS NOTICE" *** The invoice now demands [approx £150] and comes complete with the following warning message: *** "FAILURE TO COMPLY Failing to comply with this notice will result in: you costs increasing by £3 per day by way of liquidated damages and court action being taken against you. Please note: We may ask the court to enforce the debt by instructing a bailiff to wheel-clamp and remove the above named vehicle or any vehicle registered to you from your home address, business add
  13. Thanks for your quick reply havinastella. My worry is just that the permit clearly states on it that it must be displayed on the windscreen at all times, and that I am "in breach" of this condition, therefore invalidating my entitlement to space. I dont intend to pay unless I have to, I think more than anything I just need genuine reassurance that a few months down the line im not gonna be slapped with a CCJ or a big invoice. In this case do you think it better to ignore them or to take the "template approach"? Cheers FUWPT
  14. Hi, I have read through a number of posts on this forum, and have seen one or two with a similar context, however I would appreciate clarification for my circumstances... I live in a rented apartment in city centre, which is supervised by the infamous PAO PPC. The our parking conditions require that we display a valid permit at all times in the car park. I have lived in the apartment for over a year, and my partner and I share a single car. I discovered, a couple of weeks ago, that a parking charge had been attached to my car window, the reason of issue being "Without a valid perm
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