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  1. Wow - this is all very interesting. Was the outstanding data on table 1 or 2? If its table 2 then, no one else can view it except you or your wife. Other European countries dont have the same way of processing data - i dont knwo why DCRs are allowed to keep our data the same way. Well - i have left it now as they have removed the search.
  2. I am in complete agreement with you Allwood - CRAs should definetly be in sight of agreements between lenders and borrowers before allowing DCAs to use our information.
  3. Hello Fergalthing, I am sorry to hear about your problems. By law if a credit reference agency contact a debt collectior and they have failed to respond to them in 21 workings days, they will have to remove the errornous data. I think you should write a letter explaining to them your rights and ask them to remove this data immediatly. i dont have template to say this exactly but you could look in google for templates. Good luck and keep us informed. Dissiargent.
  4. Hi ODC, Good news:). I just checked my email and equifax informed me that Lowells have asked them to delete the search - they must have realised i was the wrong person:). Many thanks for all your help - really much appreciated. Fatima
  5. Hi ODC, Many thanks for your prompt reply - much appreciated. Do you happen to have some complaints letters templates that i could use with Trading Standards ant the OFT? I have a feeling i might have to do that after all based on Lowell's reputation. Thanks again.
  6. Dear all, I desperatly need some help. I am new in this country - i move in the UK 3 years ago from France and so far have had few problems with my credit file where companies have put in wrong information. Thankfully, I have succesfully managed to fight because of the advice and help i had from this marvelous site. I can't thank the site enough and its users and i encourage anyone who is able to donate money to keep the site running. The latest problem i have is by a company called Lowell Financial Ltd who did a search on my Equifax credit file for an 'outsanding debt'. I have n
  7. Hello, I am currently disputing/appealing an overpayment for Tax Credits:( and wondering if those also get recorded in our personal credit report. Thanks, Dissiargent
  8. Not at all - they are not a data storing company - but only stores data if an individual is subject to fraud.
  9. Hello, I contacted them and received a letter informing me that they dont have any data about me which is good news. If they did, i would be be worried and it suggest some kind of fraud.
  10. NewLad, You are welcome - i will try and help as much i can. I now understand about the credit agreement but dont worry about that. As soon as you manage to remove the errousnous data, the search will also go away as they are linked. Equifax will realise that you are not that person, does not have an account with Natwest and hence the search is not valid. I must insist that you keep on at them (both Equifax and Natwest - specially Natwest). I would even write a letter to Natwest CEO - i beleive his name is Sir A Stephen Hester (The Royal Bank of Scotland, Gogaburn, Edingburgh
  11. Hi Newlad, I did indeed thank you. It also took me some time to get any reaction from Equifax. I wrote to a Equifax legal team and addressed it to a lady called Anne-Marie Horgan, and the address is Equifax PLC, Legal Department, Capital House, London, NW1 5DS. Explained to them exactly what happened and that you need your details corrected right away - use the template letter i sent to you and adopt it accordingly. I also have a contact in Natwest by the name of Alex Lyons who is the Data Protection Manager. His address is Retail Regulatory Risk, 2nd floor, Business House B,
  12. Hello, I had a similar experience but with a utility company. I logged a disupute with Equifax and after 21 days, as the utility company have not got back to them - they have removed the search for me.
  13. Hi NewLad, Equifax must have closed the case as they got back to you explaining that you should contact Natwest - this is what they did to me. So i wrote them a letter and sent it via special delivery and that made them look into it more. As for Natwest - keep calling them everyday if you can - they are very slow to track down the progress. I take it you sent them your identification for proof etc....? If not, i can anticipate their next move - is to ask you to prove who you are... I am going on holiday for a week and wont have access to internet but please keep us updated.
  14. Hi Joox, If its you doing the searches, it wont appear in the credit file for lenders to see. I hope that helps.
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