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  1. Pizza delivery always works. The DCA is part of a larger conglomerate, I was heading for the main HQ, going straight to the top
  2. I look very respectable in a suit!
  3. My intention is to politely ask them to rectify the mistake they have made, I have written, registered post, they have ignored me. It is stressful knowing that these peole are chipping away at your soul, in my normal life I deal with things directly.
  4. It's a straight swap, harrassment for trespass?
  5. Has anybody turned the situation around and visited the DCA's at their offices?
  6. If this site had a "Like" button I would select it! Still operating from a PO Box with no details of consumer credit licence, just find all this so frustrating, I'm in the mood for an "Occupy" session....
  7. What right does a credit reference agency have to hold data on you post bankruptcy, since technically you no longer have any debt? Surely the data should be wiped and if a financial institution wants to check you they can do so on the insolvency register?
  8. Just a thought, let's say a bank writes off £3m of bad debt as a tax dodge, they then sell the debt on to a DCA for 5p in the £ Do they write off the full £3m or is it minus the 5p ? Just wondering if the banks have a hidden cupboard monster.
  9. I just got a dreaded £40 - £80 letter, it was for a moped which has an annual tax of £11, a bit harsh, my question is, will it have an impact on my credit rating? How does the 40 - 80 relate to the tax of £11? Cheers.
  10. I just got the dreaded £40 or £80 letter for a moped we paid £40 for, where the tax is approx £11 !! I am probably just gonna roll over on this one, bloody mare of night.
  11. I have heard that Tesco loyalty card is operated by Skipton Information Services, is that right?
  12. What right do these companies have in holding data on you once you have gone bankrupt since technically your debt is discharged and therefore you do not hold accounts with anyone?
  13. Makes sense if somebody wants to stop it operating, they probably have the data mirrored.
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