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  1. Hi, I requested to claim PPI on some loans that I had with Barclays bank, in total I had 5 loans out of which 2 I know I had PPI on which I was mis sold, and other two I can't remember I wrote to claim back for all of them. The first reply I got was that they are sorry to hear about my complaint and they are investigating it. 2 weeks later I received a reply stating that they could't see any PPI being added to my loans and asked me whether I had anything to prove it, I sent them a letter stating that they should have this info themselves and they needed to p
  2. hi there, sounds crazy but you can get the ticket cancelled simply by saying that they have issued you a invalid ticket as its not your car that they are directing to, when they make a simple mistake its even easier to get it cancelled just write to them by stating its not your car as your car is silver and not red, and you feel that the attendant messed up when issueing the ticket, you now feel that it was supposed to be for someone else and you got it, they caN'T ENFORCE THIS AT COURT AS THEY ARE already wrong, i know this because something similar happened to me.
  3. actually i have seen how other members here had their credit agreement wiped off due to creditors not sending them correct cca and so on, so i was hoping that i would be able to do the same by requesting some documents and them not being able to either comply with the request or not have the document, i thought that if i request a SAR they should send me everything they hold of mine? what can i equest from them to see whether they have it or not or not be able to supply the right documents, please help me
  4. hi guts, if i have requested a SAR from halifax for my loan, and all they have sent me is a singed credit agreement, have they fully complied with my request? or ther is more info missing to my SAR request, please help me/
  5. hi guys, if blair oliver and scott sent me a signed credit agreement which has the date of sign and all figures but doesn't have the terms and condition, is that unenforceable then?
  6. thanks dx, would happen to know here i could get a template letter for this as i am very good at making letters! lol
  7. thanks pete, i have checked it doesn't have page on of 2, there is other related page and no terms and condition, what should i send?
  8. if i have received a copy of my cca and its got thinterest rates and my signature on but doesn't have the terms and condition is that enforceable or uneforceable?
  9. whats a section 10 notice and where can i get a template letter for that as i also need this.
  10. so what can i do if they decide to add to the credit agency can wite o them saying they are not allowed todo that?
  11. i have sent a request for SAR and its been over 3 months, all that halifax have sent me is some statements and a look a like cca, what exactly does a SAR look like and what should it contain, have they given me the right stuff, and if they don't give the right stuff what can hapen? please help me urgently.
  12. hi guys, 2 months ago i requested my cca from great universal catalogue they failed to give me the right one as they say they cannot locate it, so i wrote to them again requesting it, they then yesterday replied say they wont be pursuing this account with the balance any longer, but however as this remains unsatisfied debt they will note it on their internal file for futur, they also state this information will form part of my records at the credit reference agencies where they share iormation, and this information will remain in my credit reference file for 6 years. are they allowed to do tha
  13. can some one please look at this and tell me whether its unenforceable or not? thanks
  14. thanks pompeyfaith, in the statements usually there is interest shown, where ami loking to see the ppi what would it say in the statment?
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