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  1. Hi, Please count me in, anything you need/require please let me know, my particular story with this company is, with hindsight, even more unbelievable than it seemed at the time. Keep me informed.....
  2. I have posted a message in my original thread 'Sherforce, PLEASE help me' but I want to make it known to this forum, just in case you are unfamiliar with my thread and miss my message, the following......... I have been very touched by the help and advice I have been offered by ALL on this site. My problem has now been resolved and I can concentrate on what I need to be doing at this horrible time, not defending our home etc. Therefore thank you to everybody who replied, but the biggest thank you MUST be reserved for 'tomtubby' who within a 1 hour window changed my entire world.
  3. Hello to you all again, here is an update on this whole sorry affair. I am unaware if i should name names as I dont wish to cause any trouble for anybody, suffice to say my terrible problem with Sherforce has been bought to a very swift and decisive conclusion. This is almost 100% down to the efforts and dedication of a member on here named tomtubby, along with a very superb website I stumbled accross named 'online advice bailiff' (round the wrong way to stop deletion) I can assure you there is one man in this world today with the most immense weight lifted from his already weary sh
  4. Again, a heartfelt thank you to all who replied, I have researced and read all your comments, only one snag, I do not have any informatiion at all relating to the original CCJ, which court, ref number etc therefore I can of course tell them when they return I have sent one to the court, However in reality I have no idea what the required information is, I would presume I will have to contact Southern Water in the morning to ascertain what court etc..... I am also totally mystified how upon further studying of their letters etc how they could of possibly 'siezed' my goods when they have no
  5. Hello again all, Well, with regret, they have acknowledged reciept of my letter and fax today, and have stated the following directly below the sentence acknowledging receipt..... I have now failed to comply with a high court warrant, therefore an officer will call with a van within the next 48hrs to execute the warrant and remove goods, and an extra charge of £625.00 + VAT has now been added to the account as I am failing to comply. The only way to stop any action is to settle the account now with cleared funds. Now, what troubles me is I have explained as kindly directed by yo
  6. Heartfelt thanks to all who have replied, I have composed a letter and have sent it by both fax and recorded delivery to Sherforce, along with a copy to Southern Water. I will keep you posted as to the outcome, in the interim I have been given piece of mind by this forum and it is quite touching to think someone in despair can type out a message and send it off into cyberspace, to receive such lovely help and advice by return for no money or expectation of favours. God bless both this forum, and all who replied. Darren
  7. Thank you kindly Andie for your reply, very much appreciated,will now research to see if we are classed as 'vunerable' by searching other posts. Once again, many thanks indeed, I have parked the car away from the house and have locked all doors and windows as he left me a voicemail when we were at the hospital this afternoon saying he was coming around this evening, he sounded VERY aggresive and I know its not going to just end with me writing to them saying we are 'vunerable' but I will research it now. Thank you......Darren
  8. I have spent the last 2.5 hours reading 100's of posts on this superb website BEFORE posting this 1st message to try and get an understanding of what has just happened to me. Basically CCJ from Southern Water a while ago for water rates (couldnt pay - reason below) screwed up and binned. Sherforce letter on doormat usual 'notice of seizure etc' telephoned number (mobile) spoke to 'officer' and explained couldnt pay etc, he said he would ask his office if they would accept £5.00 per week from my benefits (carers allowance and income support)- letter delivered by royal mail today stating th
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