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  1. they said they sold the car for 3500 which they added to account there is also 400 pound charges on it aswell.do i have a case for defence?
  2. with the court? sept last year but they served it at my old address which i moved out of in2007, so i did not know nothing about it, got new warrant to reserve at my current address on 4th feb 09. with calling date 4th of april.
  3. Thanks for your quick response ,what do i do now? my court hearing in on 4th april.
  4. i have had a reply from dca with original agreement and details of balance sheet,i originally sent statue barred letter but they replied saying i made a payment on april 04,which after looking at balance sheet they sent me it was 1st of january 04 i last made a payment, the payment on april was the money put on the account by the original creditor after they auctioned the car but the payment was not made by me?does this still make it statue barred?dca say as they have supplied credit agreement it is now enforceable is this true?:-?
  5. yes it was hire purchase and do not know but think only just over 2 years out the 5.
  6. Iam being taken to court on 4th april by marlin financial srevices for £3342 that they claim i owe them as they have bought this debt from british credit trust.the problem is i intend to defend but iam unsure of how .I took a car out on finance in 2002 had it 2 years and handed it back as i lost job,i never received any default notice,and the company said they would sell the car and i would be liable for what was left,i heard nothing for 6 months so i called and they said the account was closed and i had nothing to pay i asked for this in writing but never got it, i then called again a year l
  7. Hi sorry im not sure the percentage as i dont have the original agreement.
  8. Hi folks can anyone give me some advice please?
  9. the details of the claim are the defender resides at the address stated for more than 3 months prior to the raising of this action( which is false as i moved out in 2007 and thin is dated 5/9/08.also the defender failed to pay as agreed and is in breach of contract with the said suppliers,the defenders last payment was on 1/6/04,(which they did not prove)the said sum of £3322.48 is the sum sued for. can you advise on action as on the next page it says i have four options to reply to?thanks
  10. Hi it was hire purchase, i dont know what percentage as they have not replied to my cca request i had it for two years cant mind how long i took it over!what do you mean details of the claim?
  11. Hi folks,i need help with a old debt! I got a car on finance in 2002 had it two years then had to hand it back as i lost my job,spoke to credit company who arranged pick up of vehicle,after that they told me they would sell the car and i would be liable for the remaining balance.I heard nothing for six months so i called the finance company who took my details and told me the account had been closed and i had nothing more to pay? so i asked them to put that in writing ,which they never.I moved house in 2007 and thought nothing more of it as there was no default or anything on my credit file
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