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  1. Sorry just one more question do you know if it has to goto a particular department within monument? When i google monument i keep finding different addresses one in leicester, one in crawley and a po box in northampton. Does any one know which is the best one to use?
  2. :thumb:ok thanks will get that done and sent off tomorrow.
  3. Cabot purchased the account in 2007 so would it be worth sending them a sar aswell ?
  4. ok thank you for your help. The original creditor was monument so will see if i can find there address as we have no paper work for them.
  5. ok thanks is that even if cabot purchased the debt?
  6. ok thanks does the sar goto OC or Cabot?
  7. no nothing my sister-in-law cca'd them ages ago and never recieved anything other than their terms and conditions with OC but most of it was marker penned out.
  8. Hi guys just a quick update. Have recieved letter before action from morgan soliciters saying as they have had no response Cabot intends to recover the debt owed by the estate by issuing legal porceedings, my sister-in-law has spoke to national debt line and they have advised to send a subject access request but we are not sure who to send it to is it original creditor or cabot? Any advice would be great .
  9. Ok thanks will get that letter sent to them and check land registry see where we go from there. From what i have googled they have 2 months after being informed to make a claim ( i might be wrong on that tho) and so far the only claim they are making is verbal and with no proof!
  10. So should we just send them claim rejected letter?
  11. So that would show on credit file? Or should we stil check land registry?
  12. Would charging order show up on credit file?
  13. Ok thanks wil get onto checking land registry on Monday.
  14. We checked with experian nothing showing on that. tried to check the other 2 cra but it looked like we could only check for ourselves. Its very unlikely there will be any funds available as mortgage is not much lower than value of house, its been on the market 12 months and no interst as of yet.
  15. I can believe that, they actually want us to tell them who the estate agent is so they can contact them " to discuss the progress of the sale". They will have a long wait fot that info!
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