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  1. Lindzb

    Lindzb V HSBC

    Ok, so they have offered me £600. I'm going to take it. Anybody else reading this, good luck with your claims, get your hard earned money back from these robbing people, and keep on at them!!! It works in the end!!!
  2. Good luck and keep at them. I had to keep phoning to get a response apart from, yes I see your letter on the system and no, dont know when we will sort it out!!! Customer services put a note to the investigating team to tell them to hurry up.
  3. Lindzb

    Lindzb V HSBC

    Also, trying to sort a parachute account, but only been offered basic account by one bank. My credit must be low, anyone any ideas??
  4. Lindzb

    Lindzb V HSBC

    Ok, so sent my first letter on 28th June 2006, got a note on my internet banking to say they received it on 4th July 2006. I'm still waiting for a response. I phoned today and a very helpful lady called me back to say they are meeting this afternoon about it and will let me know tomorrow whether they will refund etc. If they dont call tomorrow my second letter is on its way and another call to see what they are doing.
  5. Thanks Mr T, I feel a bit better about the whole thing, charges are £548.00 and interest is £68.70 making a total of £616.70, since Jan 2005. Lindzb
  6. Right here goes, very nervous but my first letter is going out today!! Once I have been through my account and calculated the charges. Hope i'm doing the right thing, dont want to think about court at the moment. Any support etc will be greatly appreciated.
  7. I'm just about to try and beat HSBC, any tips richard?
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