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  1. Thanks. I will use this information in my letter to BT.
  2. All my lines are business lines. Do you think that makes a difference?
  3. Prior to the slamming I had a call from a call centre enquiring if I had a TalkTalk account. Having recently accquired an Apple phone, I said that I thought that we were with O2 which I understood used this phone. I forgot that we also had a TalTalk landline. She seemed happy and I was also happy to have got rid of her so quickly because once they get into the speech that they have to give, mentioning your name every breath, you cannot stop 'em and I feel bad putting the phone down on 'em - they are human, after all. I digress. She is on commission to get new customers so the little
  4. Recently got a letter from Talk Talk saying that they understood that we have terminated our contract with them. Phoned their 'Help' line they said that they had a request from BT saying that we would like to go back to them (Fat chance of that, one of their departments could not organise a **** up in a brewery .... but thats another story) BT have now made themselves our service provider. My questions - Since I have no contract. do I have to pay for the calls? If BT cut me off, can I claim compensation for damage to my business? I will of course be contacting BT to encou
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