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  1. I would pursue this as advised earlier, request your credit Agreement,if they fail to provide a true copy with your signature than it is unenforceable
  2. Hi,i have not had the chance to chase up the credit rating and if there any updates will post on my thread. As Nagasis pointed out you need to send this by recorded delivery along,with a £1 postal order to there registered address.
  3. Hi,its typical for these company's to behave in a arrogant manner and to charge you silly amounts so that the benefit. First of all when did you set up your account with them? The way they are behaving when you are willing to make a payment if i was you i would request a true copy of your credit agreement. Please have a look at my thread to see how this is done!
  4. Hi it would seem i am in a similar situation does anyone have the link for the section 10 notice? Cheers Khan
  5. Hello, surely they can not carry on defaulting you on a account where the debt is unenforceable? Would anybody know which route to go regarding this other than court?
  6. Surely they cant do that? charge to call you that is ridiculous!
  7. Hello have a look at my last post They never called me, actually i would advise you tell them if they don't stop harassing you,it will be reported to the relevant authorities in writing
  8. Hello chaps i have had an update as follows: Dear Mr X, Further to your letter on x-x-x,concerning your complaint in relation to a copy of your Credit Agreement,please accept our apologies that you found it necessary to complain. In the interests of improving the service we offer to our customers,all complaints received are taken very seriously and a full investigation is always carried out. Our understanding of your complaint is as follows: You have stated that the debt is unenforceable in the absence of a Credit Agreement. We have made a full investigation,asse
  9. Thank you for your prompt response found the relevant letter and have my response here Dear Sir/Madam, Re:- Account/Reference xxxxxxx Thank you for your letter dated 31/03/09,the contents of which have been noted. You have failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original consumer agreement for the above account. On 24/03/09 I made a formal request for a true signed agreement for the alleged amount under the consumer credit Act 1974 s77/8. A copy of which is enclosed for your perusal and ease of reference. You have failed to comply with my request,
  10. Well i have received a response from Littlewoods as follows: "We refer to a recent request for a copy of your agreement. Unfortunately we are unable to locate a copy of an executed agreement,but for your information we enclose a copy of the current agreement which applied to this type of account.This version includes all contractual variations which have taken place. According to our records the account was opened in 1996.You agreed to make payments every 28 days. The outstanding balance is £2800 and you have made £800 in payments in the last 12 months. In accordance with the terms o
  11. Hello all i am writing up the letter for request of signature on consumer agreement 1974. Does anyone have the address for Littlewoods Direct??
  12. Cheers for that wil let you know how i get on Khan
  13. Hi,thank you for your response could you also clarify that letter n requires a £1 postal order? Khan
  14. I would appreciate advice on this matter,currently been with this catalogue for approx 9 yrs. My balance is £2800 and last payment i made was in December 2008. I have been defaulted about 4 times each time charged £12. The account has now been passed to a debt collection agency namely,NDR and in arrears of about £400. Do they need a credit agreement to enforce this? Could somebody be kind enough to let me know my options as i am having difficulty paying the monthly instalments at present and would appreciate any template letterers i could use.
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