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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I've now sent the charges part off. I've treated this as one long loan with the higher of the two interest rates as the interest rate. Just need to finish off the insurance reclaim, hopefully can catch the post later today for that. I'll keep you updated as to progress. I expect Advantage to fight, but I'm ready for them.
  3. Hopefully the last question for now, hoping to send these off today/tomorrow. As there are two accounts, I've completed a CISheet each. However, to compare I do have an 'all in one' for both accounts available. How do I account for the rollover from account 1 to account 2? There was a balance remaining which was refinanced into the 2nd loan. The first CISheet also has an ending balance. Do I enter the rollover balance or the rollover from the calculations, or both as the first entry on the newer sheet? The amount rolled over from account 1 to 2 is about £400 lower than the CIShe
  4. I didn't have full records of both accounts, so after requesting and receiving these I've now completed my spreadsheets. However, whilst checking my calculations, I'd noticed an anomaly in the way they structure the account, and I'm concerned it may affect my claim. Thought I'd double check before sending something that may be incorrect. According to their statements, they add things in this order: 1) Advance for the vehicle 2) Acceptance & option fee 3) HP interest 4) Insurances 5) Insurance interest 6) Repayments/Charges etc. They appear to have struct
  5. He hadn't, but I've had a good read of his thread. Going to go over it again later and take notes. Regarding my insurances - does the 6 year statute of limitations still apply or is it only a certain time from when I'd become reasonably aware I was mis-sold, as it was with PPI reclaiming? I'm considering claiming for the insurances on the 2007 car loan as well as the 2010 one. May treat as two claims, but around £1000 from loan 1 rolled over into loan 2.
  6. Hi again DX, Sorry for the 2nd thread - I'd thought I'd discussed this previously but couldn't find the original threads when I searched. I've been under so much stress regarding this that I just completely withdrew from everything. Only realised now it was depression, that's the main reason why nothing was done before. No doubt prompted by the extreme pressure that Advantage were putting me under. I've done the spreadsheets already for the charges, so I'll get something sent off tomorrow. Is it still v101 of the CISheet spreadsheet?
  7. Hi all, I've had the misfortune to deal with Advantage, due to past credit problems. I was in the situation where due to my work involving a lot of travel, I needed something reliable to get me from A to B. I took the loan out in late 2010. Despite not wanting any insurances, they 'sold' them to me by lowering the interest rate considerably depending on what I took out. Seems a little odd to me that it's cheaper WITH insurance, rather than not but I digress. I took out GAP, MBI and Motor Protect Plus. When I came to collect the car, I signed all the paperwork and wen
  8. They're now sticking to their 'calls are deleted after 6 months' line, despite threatening to use a call over this limit against me in the distant past. They've also advised that they've got no internal communications by email regarding me. Funny thing is, I've had plenty of times when I've called for a specific person who hasn't been available and they've emailed them with a message. They've also not got any communications with external suppliers regarding my account. Again, I'm not sure how they've managed to administer a repair on the first car, or deal with the insurers wi
  9. I wonder if anyone is available to take a look at my PoC to see if it can be submitted or whether I need to make any amendments. As mentioned I'm not sure whether to claim interest as-is or in restitution. The card account is still open. Hoping to sort this out towards the end of the week as I get paid tomorrow and can just about afford the court fee. Thanks.
  10. I've now had the 'full' SAR, they insist that nothing else exists. Unfortunately they don't have details of the conversation I had with them. Despite advising me in the past that they have phone call recordings going back years. I've followed that up with a number of emails to them asking why they haven't included various items, but again being met with an insistence that they've supplied everything. It was only this morning when I asked for a 'final response' so I could refer the matter to FOS that they suddenly decided that they needed a chance to 'resolve' my complaint.
  11. It depends what council, (in my case South Somerset) but twice over the last 3 years I've sent Ross and Roberts packing by sending them a letter (and also faxing it) advising them that I'm withdrawing their right of access (there's a letter somewhere on here with the full text). If they then call at your address they're breaking the law (and can't legally enter your property). I also sent a copy to the Council, also advising them what I've done and that I won't be dealing with Ross and Roberts and offering a payment plan. Once that's done, it's surprising how the council will then deal wi
  12. Here is my PoC. I'm interested in claiming Interest in Restitution, but wasn't sure how to change the standard PoC to effect this. Is there any pitfalls to claiming such interest, and how would it differ from claiming as I currently am (I'm using what I believe to be the card rate of 34.08% for my claim). I could of course be confusing myself - there are so many different PoC's about. I opened the card account around July 2007. However the only T&C's that I could find were from Oct 2007. Will this cause a problem? Today is the date that the LBA letter runs out, however it wo
  13. The LBA expires on the 19th of this month. As it's unlikely that Capone will have a change of heart prior to this I'm now writing the POC. As mentioned I don't have a copy of the T & C's from the date I opened the account (July 2005). I've seen one or two around this date which may or may not be the same so if I can't find them I'll use these. I've got the draft set up already waiting for the court form. Shelley's thread was very helpful and I've adapted it for my PoC. I understand the process has now changed. Can I still make the claim via my local court or does this now have to
  14. I've been with SSE since I moved into my house just over 6 years ago. After about a year, Scottish Power started sniffing around, despite telling them no they were persistent. I agreed to a quote only, which seemed to get rid of them. After a few weeks, SSE wrote to me advising that they'd had an approach from another supplier. I called them advising them that I hadn't authorised it, but still the transfer went through. I was only aware of it fully happening when Scottish Power started sending through bills. It took some time to sort it out and transfer it back, involving lots of cal
  15. Unfortunately it wasn't in writing. However I do recall discussing this with Advantage at some point during the negotiations. If Advantage do record their calls, as they've insisted to me many times in the past it may show up - unless they've 'accidentally' deleted it.
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