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  1. I need to make a quick decision about this one guys. Basically, I was about to file for bankruptcy as it seems the best option for my situation (renting, safe bank account with under £1000 in, total bank account/card debts of £20K, self-employed but minimal trade until I change career). I had considered an IVA through Payplan but would have ended up paying back 40% or so of the total while I still receive some benefits such as HB, TC and CTC. So, everything was set, I have basic stock left which wouldn't be easy for an OR to sell off...but then I realised that my mother had made aro
  2. Thanks very much for your reply and personal experience GreenPimpernel. I was beginning to think no replies was the norm! So basically, you think it would be wise to open a new current account now with a small payment as a back-up?
  3. I hope someone can give me some advice here. I'm self-employed but have debts which are proving more and more difficult to cope with. At present I'm undergoing an HMCE tax investigation due to previously registering for VAT and then de-registering when turnover dropped below the threshold about 2 years later. My accounts are messy but nothing underhand, although I just have a feeling I won't get off lightly after so many questions were asked that I couldn't answer properly (and I had to stop paying ridiculous sums to an accountant letter after letter). I actually have close to zero disposa
  4. bump. Really need some opinions on this...must have been lots of folks on here who've been in similar situations...as well as a few who know the legalities.
  5. Having moved out of a commercial unit at the end of the lease the greedy landlord is smacking me for a £700 redecorating bill. I painted window sills and one room when I moved in, and hired a guy to repaint it magnolia when I moved out (as I mostly live abroad), on their request. The unit in question is a VERY old brick building, empty space, concrete floors. Suitable for storage only really. However, I got multiple messages saying the decorating was below parr and they wanted skirting boards sanded/repainted etc. etc. No damage was done - actually impossible to damage anything in that bu
  6. Ok I've blacked out the personal info parts of the Lease Cover Letter. It was verbally explained to me by the lawyer that the contract had 18 month break clauses and the letter implied this. Only now did the owner tell me that the 18 month break clause mentioned in the below letter was applicable only for the FIRST period of 18 months after the contract was signed - certainly not mentioned in the lease itself. Any references to the break clause were only present on the two attached pages. I've love to know if I have a case to exit the property as per the term within the cover letter below.
  7. Ok I've got larger legible scans to view now. Bump. Thanks in advance for any advice and recommendations. http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww344/CarlBkk/Leasepage14.jpg
  8. I'd be very grateful if someone could take a look at these two pages from a commercial lease. I want to exit the property and was under the impression from the solicitor that I had 18-month break clauses. However, he has just informed me that the earliest I can exit is July 2010. According to his cover letter (attached to the lease) he states that I am free to leave at end of each 18-month period. I'm very confused. Where would I stand legally if I wanted to get out? I doubt I can afford the rent from Jan - July, so last resort is voluntary bankruptcy.
  9. Now using photobucket...hopefully these scans of their CCA documents are now clearer. Many thanks. http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww344/CarlBkk/CCAapplicationform.jpg http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww344/CarlBkk/CCAletter1.jpg http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww344/CarlBkk/CCAletter2.jpg http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww344/CarlBkk/CCAterms1.jpg http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww344/CarlBkk/CCAterms2.jpg http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww344/CarlBkk/CCAterms3.jpg http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww344/CarlBkk/CCAterms4.jpg
  10. I have attached scans of the each of the pages they sent me, hopefully clearer to read. If anyone can comment on they're enforcability please let me know - just today received the letter they'll be passing it over to the debt collectors. (Just checked the attachments...although saved a decent size they seem to all be too tiny when uploaded on here...any ideas?)
  11. I'm struggling to pay off monthly amounts of nearly £400 to MBNA on a £15,000 debt so I went down the "stop paying and CCA" route instead of voluntary liquidation (which would affect my livelihood). After several weeks my CCA has arrived with the back terms scanned in and attached. The first sheet is a copy of my original application form stamped by them on 6 Nov 1999. My signature is clearly legible. They have also enclosed the 4 full-page printouts of the new updated terms and conditions (regulated by CCA 1974). What options do I have now? Is the get-out clause now gone? A wor
  12. Thanks Elsa, the account was a Barclays current account, so unconnected with MBNA. They actually called me today and said that they didn't receive in the system any note that they received a CCA (despite me having signed-for proof), and so the process continues. I'll contact Barclays tomorrow for the disputed transaction forms and see what happens.
  13. Having sent a request for CCA to MBNA over 2 months ago with no reply, MBNA sent 2 letters in the meantime saying that after the second attempt they will not continue trying to take the minimum payments from my account with the direct debit. They then mailed me saying they have passed the debt on to a collection agency, overlapping with my letter claiming the account is in dispute last week. Yesterday I noticed that they STILL took a minimum payment (which is quite large) from my account, as at that time there happened to be enough funds in there. I'm kicking myself for believin
  14. I'm not sure if I understand this correctly (as a newbie in debt with MBNA and wanting to get out of it): If I ask for a CCA from them and they can't provide me with a signed copy (circa 1998), then I can stop repaying them with no legal repercussions?
  15. Having read the stickies above, it seems my case doesn't fit clearly into any category. Can anyone give me an opinion on what they'd do? A really simple situation: I'm a sole trader, no employees, no assets, about £17K debt on two credit cards (paying off minimum every month which I may no longer be able to do), a commercial lease on a business unit that so far I'm up to date with but think I'll no longer be able to pay. In the business unit I have (at cost) about £20K worth of stock (wish I could sell it all!). I'm struggling. Is BR for me do you think?
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