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  1. Thank you for this. I will send the letter tomorrow. Bizxymum.
  2. Please find attached copies of the agreements sent from Natwest and RBS. None of them are the signed copies. Do i need to send them the same letter i sent to barclays as well? Bizxymum NW Credit Agreement.pdf Tesco Credit Agreement.pdf
  3. RBS sent my husband a copy of his signed agreement. Please find attached. Does this mean it is enforceable? Thank you Bizxymum RBS Signed Agreement.pdf
  4. Hello there, Please find attached a copy of the credit agreement sent by Halifax for my husband's account. This is not signed and its just a copy. Should he send them the letter i sent to barclays? Bizxymum Halifax Credit Agreement.pdf
  5. I sent them a £1 postal order requesting a copy of my credit agreement. I'll find out from the post office tomorrow whether they can make one out to halifax. Thank you Bizxymum
  6. Please see attached response from Halifax. Not sure what they mean. Help Bizxymum Response from Halifax.doc
  7. Thank you for this. I'll let you know how it goes. Bizxymum
  8. Please find attached the response i got from Egg. They've asked for a signature before processing my request. :? Bizxymum Letter from Egg.doc
  9. I'll send one of the above letters tomorrow and will let you know what happens. Thank you for all posts.
  10. I sent letter N as advised to my creditors and this is the first letter i got back from Barclaycard together with a copy of the agreement they sent. What does this mean? Thank you Bizxymum Letter from Barclaycard.doc Agreement P1.doc Agreement P2.doc
  11. Thank you very much. I'll have a good read through all the threads and take it from there.
  12. I am currently on a debt management plan and have heard of the unfair credit agreements. All the people i have spoken to have confirmed that it is advisable to use a solicitor for this but i cannot afford it. I was terrified when I read about a couple who had to pay huge legal bills because they put in a weak claim. I will like to find out whether i will be able to pursue this on my own and if i can, how do i get started? :confused:
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