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  1. The debt is paid in fully and has been for some time to Lowells. So chase Cap 1 for the refund???
  2. Right Where do i start. bascially wrote to them using this site asking for charges back after around 6 months of letters they finally gave in and award me £378. But.....they are now telling me to get the money off Lowell as they bought the debt. Wrote to Lowell who have now gone very quiet on me and i cant get a response after sending the letters to both Crapone and Lowell? Any ideas how to preceed? Thanks a million
  3. Right I have a personal loand and an overdraft with Cr*pwest and due to redundancy over the past 6 months have been unable to keep up with the repayments, they adding charges of around £75 every other week, so both the O/D and loan are getting out of control. The loan is £12.5k and overdraft (with all the charges) £3900 I wanted advise on what to do next? Do i wait until they default me and that way the interest will be frozen. I am a homeowner and my partner knows nothing about these debts! Help! I really worried. I took the loan out in 2008 and the overdraft has be
  4. No a rather large Finanical Services Institute! Any advice??
  5. Hi Just wanted some advised. I have been dismissed from my job of 2 and half years. During that time i have done the same job for the same team. I have some problems from near the begininning of my employment with the same two members of the team, who have consistently bullied me and give me poor performance feedback. Some of which was nothing to do with me and used me as a scapegoat. My line manager was well aware of this and did nothing about it. As a result of the two members basically slagging me off for long enough, after a performance review period of around 10 weeks the compa
  6. Yes got all that. They are just ignoring my letter which requests they pay back my charges. I have included the list of charges plus interest but dont seem to be responding at all even with a silly amount that they are willing to give me back. Anyone any ideas of what to do next?
  7. Has anyone trip to contact the fools at cap one. I have sent them the various letters from this site, asking for my list of charges which they evetually sent me after a few harsh letters. I have now sent them off and given them the 14 days to reply but has been near 4 weeks now and have heard nothing. I have also sent them a reminder letter telling them i will start the court proceedings if they do not reply. if you ring them you get India? or somewhere else? Any ideas anyone?
  8. Thank you all I will get Letter M in the post to them and let you know the outcome. Many thanks
  9. So does this mean I need keep paying or not? I am clear that i cant reclaim any money now as i stupid! Should I send them a letter M? If I should does anyone have a contact address for MH. Six clear years have passed before they contacted me. it was for a mobile phone bill back in 1994 from Peoples Phone (now Vodafone I think) so thats how long ago it is!
  10. Hiya Yes there was a definte period of more than six years where I didnt hear or receive anything at all. I only got the letter out of the blue when i moved house! Thanks very much for your help and quick responses!
  11. Hi All Hope someone can help me. I recieved a letter MH over a year ago and in my stupidity I contact them as I was worried and agreed to pay the debt they were refering to. I have been paying them £14 a month for a year now. After coming across this site only realised that I may not have to pay them after all. The debt is more than six years old. can i stop paying them now??? Much help would be appreciated.
  12. Hi All I am new to this site and would like your help. I have read through varoius posts/threads and took your advice and asked for a CCA from Littlewoods. Could you tell me if this is enforcebale. I have removed my details. Thanks! http://i703.photobucket.com/albums/ww31/natob1603/LwoodsLetter1.jpg http://i703.photobucket.com/albums/ww31/natob1603/LittlewoodsPage2.jpg
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