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  1. Can anyone tell me who now owns the former EGG credit card company. I read on the forums that Barclaycard took over in 2011 but I also see that on their website, Yorkshire Building Society are advertising to " former EGG customers". Anyone know where to send a SAR?regardsSplitty
  2. Could someone tell me where on this site to find bank contact details (Santander and EGG). There used to be an easily accessible list in "bank charge" days gone-by. regards Splitty
  3. I am returning to CAG for the first time since the bank charges debate was cut short by the Supreme Court (some success before this). I have come to the ppi debate late in the day as I could not remember any details of loans going back to the mid 1990's, however, I have now decided to look into this more seriously and am just starting the process. I have been reading around the forums for the last couple of days and it appears to be a similar process to the bank charges reclaim (SAR first, ICO if no response, negotiate for info needed, submit claim (with interest). My initial questions are; 1. What is the position with information older than 6 years? Are banks currently supplying this? 2. How do I argue for statements going back over 15 years? Many thanks Splitty
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