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  1. I would suggest anyone with a Commercial first mortgage send an SAR request and in particular pay attention to the underwriting sheet .There are a number of mortgages out there that show hidden payments to brokers as well as what you have paid to your own broker .This creates an unfair relationship and could result in the mortgage being completely rescinded as well as you being able to claim damages and losses etc .Also look at the consumer credit act section 140 A and 140 B remedies for unfair relationship etc .There is a famous case wilson v hurstanger 2007 which sets case precedent and says there is joint resposibility on lender and broker ....important as CF will try to blame the broker always .......

    There have been recent out of court settlements but undoubtedly there will be confidentiality agreements .CF do not want this to get out and continue to bully people and repossess .

  2. ironmarket didnt ask for anything as such from me as there wasnt any enterprise hence why i am persuing this with the sfcs at the moment ,neither did commercial first ask for anything like this .i also belive my paperwork was filled in in part when i signed it and then agfterwards ,no sign of any original docs eith with theoriginal sig onit ....quite easy to photocopy in afterward too ..i hear others are insimmilar position .

  3. I would be interested to hear from anyone suffering problems with commercial first ltd and also if you were sold a motgage by the now defunct ironmarket loans .I have had huge problems with them but I am in the process of ammassing information regarding these companies .I have had direst conversation with the fsa about matters as wellas the ombudsman and the fSCA .i would love to hear all the stories especially those who have suffered harsh treatment from this company .:mad2:

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