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  1. I have asked you to stop messaging me if you or anyone else from your 'Team ' continue with your insulting words and untrue statments as to my value on this forum I will contact the police regarding your representaion of what I thought was a good site .I have made a formal written complaint about you and other of your site team .This is my final say on the matter please stop messaging me .
  2. I have made a formal complaint about your insinuating and untrue messages ,what a way for you as site team members to behave towards those looking for help and trying to help others . My matters are settled and as part of that agreement I cannot comment further . Other of your members asked for help and who can help them thats all I responded to. Please stop messaging me and stop the online bullying . I have enough stress to contend with without you and your 'team 'sticking the boot in !
  3. The problem is is that people have been ripped off and effectively defrauded by the likes of this company and then once they have lost everything they cant get legal help at all ,its what the loan companies want .[removed] .When people act as litigants in person the cases can fail owing to the complications of the court process and the need for knowledge of case law etc. [removed] . There is lots of good help here though which people can use without paying a thing to start the ball rolling .
  4. You can report them to the information commissioners office ICO for not complying with the data protection act but If they have taken any action against you in the past ie a suspended repo on your home then you can apply to the court to force them to produce the documents they need .They appear to be running scared as there are many instances recently of them refusing to provide SAR docs and especially the underwriting sheets etc owing to the seeming high instances of the secret comissions contained therin . Dont give up there are good threads on here about using the civil procedure rules
  5. Yes I understand but I think the first thing to do is obtain an SAR or demand a copy of the underwriting sheet ,failing that you could get a conference or even a telephone call with my barrister or indeed another firm who will speak to you free for an initial bit of advice .The way in which Marc Goldberg took over may well have been unfair and possibly unlawful as he effectively was acting as broker and agent and lender .....i know the loan is unregulated but his actions may well have been fraudulent
  6. also if the judge said in the courtroom he wasnt used to this case you could ask for a transcript or the recording of the hearing they may well be a fee but it may well be worth getting it will also show M Goldberg effectively perjuring himself too .Im sure if a judge isnt used to a type of trial they should stand down and relist for someone who does ...Judge Milwyn jarman tends to do a lot of the financial stuff at Cardiff Court and in the high court ,he was the judge in the Blemain v Bently case .
  7. well dont give up seriously it may well be worth it .Im sure appeals can be launched out of time but for very special reasons with a properly drafted application , or indeed a new challenge which isnt out of time .
  8. I undersaatnd how your broker has tried to get out of fiduciary duties but again if a commission was paid you must be told and how much it is not enough to allude to the fact it may be or would be ....you need to know how much owing to plevin v paragon supreme court ruling .....Do you have all your docs from inception of the first loan offer and the second ...soounds like irresponsible lending to me too .Im sure this one is worth you continuing on for . My loan is also an unregulated one however it doesnt matter as you do have the protection of 140 A etc of the CCA and the bribery issues in c
  9. indeed it will and i know or similar casrs with another lender that when dealing with known issues such as a regular occurance of secret commission payment such as this lot do it will be for them to prove they didnt pay one in court with the unredacted underwriting sheet ! I will be deemed new evidence but could even be a new case .there is no time barring to any whisper of fraud so dont worry about that .You will need legal help though [removed] [removed] .I think the best way to go foryou in the secret commission the fact they produced and illegible underwriting sheet is proof enou
  10. let me know what you have and I will message you tomorow.
  11. ok well i dont think this is the end for you I know for a fact that another lender is having to deal with 'old'issues and those who have been repossessed and will have to pay money to those they dispossessed based on the huge fraud behind the business .This will be exactly the same .Did you use a broker for your mortgage and have you sent an sar to blemain .[Removed] of [Removed] chambers is an expert at this type of thing and was the barrister in the Wilson v Hurstanger case .I hope this may be of help .Ting is you coul dbe granted an appeal based on new fresh evidence .Do you have a SAR bund
  12. but there is a lot of case law to stop this did you have proof of a secret com mision in your case and did you have anyone represent you. I know what this bunch are like they really are the worse of the worse .I have some of the underwriting stuff which shows they knew exactly what they were lending me money for
  13. we will be wanting rescission of thr mortgage owing to the fraud of the commission and the deliberate intent to conceal the fraud ...in fact I think this is criminal and its not like this one is the only one .....
  14. I agree that aspect of it will be brought in to my unfairness claims but i have evidence of them deliberatly concealing the hidden commission and refusing to answer my questions about it ....I have the proof of the commission .I have a good Barrister on board who is well used to settling this type of claim ,I am going for a conference in the next 2 weeks ....what a dreadful shower ,the issue for them is that I have all the documents which they will hope i no longer have including all the monarch stuff too .
  15. Also records of Monarch involvment on theri own data sheets as well as my own originals ......
  16. Have you settled with them if not could your case be reopened .I have a lot of evidence including valuation rigging beyond what my valuer said ...presumably to increase securitization profits and for the broker to have an even greater secret commission.I have evidence of them redacting and teampering with documents .....pity I have all the original stuff and more .....they will be in for a shock with this lot .
  17. great i have a lot of information re this company as i am sure others do but I have experience of this type of claim and settlement
  18. yes it was meant for another person I have messaged them so they can benefit from the information .
  19. Hi have a look at my post today in a diff thread it may help you re Blemain.
  20. Hi I know exactly what you are going through I was bullied by this bunch whilst dealing with divorce bereavment and ill health .... However may I suggest you send off for an SAR to them it will cost you £10 the templates are here ...dont be surprised if they refuse to send you the underwriting sheet as this may well show that a secret commission was paid to your broker .... if this is so then apart from throwing a very big spanner in the works of the repossession process it may well allow you to get the mortgage rescised ie it goes back to the day you took it out less charges and fee
  21. Hi There Please see my other post today bet your mortgage has a secret comission ,I am in the same boat as you but I have proof of a secret comission ,you must get an SAr to get the proof then you can if there is a comission that they havent told you they paid you can claim rescission ofyour mortgage doesnt matter if its a regulated or unreguilated one they will be stuffed .Mt posts are under my name racyfilly
  22. Hi All I have recently checked over my SAR documents and found a hidden comission blemain paid my broker !!!! As well as this they have levied huge and unfair chrges on my account and used the inhouse monarch recoveries to supposedly recover the debt whilst charging exorbitant fees . I shall be using the principals in Wilson v hurstanger and the recent plevin v paragon supreme court ruling to obtain rescission as well as damaged and losses as per section 140 A and B of the CCA (my loan is unregulated ) This company are dreadful and during a time when I had sm
  23. Some surprising and concerning information is leaking out that Commercial first are adopting a very blase attitude to the secret comission and bribery issues ........despite there being a large and mounting number of cases against them including claims for those customers who were reposessed by this bunch .One wonders if the blase attitude will wash in the high court .
  24. Any one here having difficulty getting a SAR from lancashire Mortgage co , if so get in touch ,i will of course report them to the ICO as they are legally bound to reply .
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