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  1. i phoned the store the following day and informed them that i would not pay the £370 and that i was going to take matters further. A salesman then phoned me back 3 hours later to tell me that the people who had been taking the display model no longer wanted it and it would be mine at no extra charge if i wanted to take it. As i really need it i said that would be fine. He told me to come back in the following day to finalise it and get a delivery date. This was great until i went into the store the next day and was told again that i would have to pay £199 as the voucher only gave me £4
  2. after visiting the store today, i was informed by the store manager that in order to get the suite that i paid for i need to pay another £370 although when i spoke to the manager 2 days ago i was informed that it was £200. the manager also informed me that land of leather used my £600 to pay off their debt. surely that is embezzlement? i was told that my suite was sitting behind me but has been sold to someone else as it was on a first come, first serve basis. he also informed me that he has lost his job, i've lost my suite and basically its tough luck. please someone tell me what
  3. Following a phone call to land of leather today, i was informed that in order to get my suite i will have to pay another £200 to get something i have already paid for in full, in cash... months ago!! If not i will lose all my money that i have paid. can anyone advise as to where i stand as i think this is sharp practice for something i have already paid for.
  4. I paid £600 cash for my suite last november from land of leather. I was also supposed to pay £168 for insurance but was told i did not have to pay this until my suite was ready. I was promised delivery by mid february but unfortunately land of leather have went bust. i recieved this letter from them today. I am pleased to inform you that although your deposit is unsecured, the Joint Adminisrators of Land of Leather have decided to honour a significant proportion of unsecured deposits and in many cases the discount available will be the equivalent to the full value for the deposit alrea
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