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  1. thanks so much ! so really i have 2 wait now for a while ?...............? and see whst happens
  2. HEY i have gt my lba with my spreadsheet to send tomoz with amout interest if they dont pay up soon!!! i dont know where i need to go from there!???? ie: after lba ! how do i claim with court1 this is sooooo confusing!!!
  3. carty4490

    Amy V HSBC

    Well guys i have finally started my claim againts hsbc !! I sent off my prelim letter and then gt a letter back saying they r dealing with my claim though no offer offering me my money ! so if i dont get they letter bu tomorrow my LBA will be being sent tomorrow with another 14 days !!! gosh I am so nervous! just about to read up now on the stages after LBA now! so wish me luck ! any adviuce will be much appreciated!!!!!
  4. any other info from anyone ?
  5. thanks i will get that spreadsheet . god its so hard u want to get it right as they might pull one over on you ! you know wat i mena?!! I am off to do that now. Thanks I will porb mgs u at some point. any other info from anyone is mucj appreciated. xxx
  6. just confused as on the letter in says amount + interest ? == total amount?! i have done the spread sheet with the 8% alreadly just incase it goes to court but not anything else? wat is the schedule of charges? amy xxx
  7. Right well after reading 100's of posts on here I have decided to give it ago. As i have only had ,my account 1 1/2 yrs they have already charged me a whopping £552! I know its doesnt sound alot but its alot in a short space of time and it wasnt my fault I have had loads of problems with hsbc so i dont even use the account any more. Anyway so i was able to access my statements online and get my details. So now I need to send in my preliminary letter asking them nicely for it. yes? Do i need to send in the spreadsheet with the costs , date and amount or just the letter stating wat they owe me?!
  8. and write to hsbc about the charges. Its only £640 but thats only over 1 1/2 yrs and i could really do with that money?! Please help and give me some advice am so confused. Confused mummy xxx
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