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  1. ellen sorry more questions ,do you think the judge is likely to evict,how quick will it be, im panicing now
  2. yes wrote acc no but cant find po receipt .i should no better ,im just hoping they got it onthursday because he didnt ring me to say they hadnt. he also said that id missed octobers payment but when i told him the judge said payments from 1 nov he said oh someones put the notes down here wrong it says the 1 oct.so they thought id missed oct and nov . should i ring them on monday to see if they have payment b4 i do anything?
  3. no it will have to be bank,but last cheque i sent was recorded they might have it by now ,he said he would ring me if they didnt recieve it and he didnt ring so maybe they have it.
  4. yes i can make payment in cash with payment booklet. do they go for eviction so quick 18 days late?
  5. hi all im afraid i need your help again. capstone were granted a suspended repo order on 1 october,to pay the monthly payment and 300 on top starting 1 nov. on wed i got a call from capstone to say they had not recieved nov payment so they were going for eviction. i told them that i had posted a cheque on the 4 nov and after getting a reminder letter from them reposted another cheque .as of wed 18 nov they still had not got it so the guy(nasty) said no its to late were going for eviction.i explained that i had posted 2 cheques and he said he would monitor the account and if i rang them
  6. hi,im asking for advice for a friend of a friend.basically she has an eviction for thursday for non payment of rent .she has been to court and possesion has been granted.she has four children and nowere to go and no money for a deposit . does anyone have any advice
  7. hi 2happenys youve come to the right place, ive been through a similar thing but my arrears were a lot higher about 15 grand that was 7 months arrears. I got alot of help from this forum and when i went to court the mortgage company adjourned. Im sure someone will be along sometime today to help.
  8. :)oh my god that is FANTASTIC:) well done im so pleased for you
  9. youve definately come to the right place for advice ell-en will help shes wonderful,she helped me loads for my repo hearing last week.
  10. yes 400 on top but considering i was paying 1800 back in dec 1000 +400 is a result
  11. yes 400 on top but considering i was paying 1800 back in dec 1000 +400 is a result
  12. ell-en id like to thank you for all your help,why do you think they adjourned?
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