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  1. Hi Just received a phone call from Trading Standards. The basically want me to send a recorded delivery letter quoting the Sales Of Goods Act and ask Eclipse Computers for a refund on the Monitor and Graphics Card. If Eclipse Computers dont reply within 7 -10 days then they want me to contact the Credit Card company and get my money back from them. Thanks Buzzpud
  2. Hi I have just received the replacement pc case today which I have been waiting for since about 16/12/08. They must have got their damage claim money from Parcelforce! Just waiting now for a refund on the Damaged Monitor and Wrong Graphics Card. Buzzpud
  3. Hi Conniff The rest of the components I have on that order have been checked and tested by me and are ok. The computer is for where my wife works a charity organisation who look after autistic people. They already have one pc that I built them but they need another one for the autistic people so they are having to wait as well as me on this issue. Thanks Buzzpud
  4. Hi Conniff Got a phone call this evening from Eclipse saying they had received the damaged case and told me a replacement case is being dispatched and on its way to me. I asked the customer service guy about the graphics card and he said someone else was dealing with that problem. I also stated that I was posting the monitor back to him Friday and said I was not happy about the statement: "Once the item is returned it will be examined by one of our technicians and if found in ‘as new’ condition a refund would be issued for the product." I then told him it would be coming bac
  5. Hi Have received reply from Consumer Direct. They are handing this case over to Kent Trading Standards who will be in touch with me in the next couple of days. Cheers Buzzpud
  6. Hi All Right heres the email I sent back.......................... Dear Mr Surender Singh Would you please note that I shall be returning the monitor as I received it namely with a scratched screen which makes the product defective from new. I sent you a photo on my web space as your mail server doesn’t like large files at: http://thegableroom.co.uk/filedump/scratchmon.jpg So your statement: “Once the item is returned it will be examined by one of our technicians and if found in ‘as new’ condition a refund would be issued for the product.” Is
  7. Hi This was all paid by creditcard but I dont know how to go down that route regards claiming. Thanks Buzzpud
  8. Hi Got this email back from Eclipse today regarding Monitor only................ Thank you for your e-mail Mr XXXXXXXX with reference to order number i319236 MO-TFT19W: 19 Inch Widescreen TFT Monitor I have issued an RMA number for the goods that you have reported not wanted. This number is authorisation for you to return the product. Please could you package the item back up with all accessories, books etc. and return them to this address Eclipse Computer Supplies Ltd Eclipse House 106 St Nicholas Street Radford Coventry CV1 4BT
  9. Computer case has been picked up by courier to go back to Eclipse but dont know outcome yet? I have not been sent DSRs only invoices/receipts which state that any faults should be notified to them immediately in small print on the bottom of the invoice. I reported the defects immediately by telephone as soon as the goods arrived namely the Case first and then the Monitor and Graphics Card as they arrived on a different order. At work at moment so cannot check my home emails for replies. Thanks Buzzpud
  10. Hi Well its been sent now and I also printed a copy of the email from the sent folder so it shows time and date this was sent and ticked opened and read receipt options. Still waiting reply from Comsumer Direct. Should I send the Faulty Monitor back now or wait for response? They already have the Graphics Card. Thanks Buzzpud
  11. Heres what I have just sent..................... Dear Sir I hereby quote the law………………………………… 7 Day Money Back Guarantee Under the Distance Selling Regulations you have a 7 working day cooling-off period starting from the day after receipt to cancel the order for all retail mail order transactions excluding trade/business transactions, all computers and items specifically built/assembled for you, delivery charges*, unsealed software or movies and perishable items. Therefore I inform you that as I was in in receipt of the orders 1404572 and 1406969 on the 09/02/09 I the
  12. Hi Thanks for swift replies............... The damaged case arrived just before Christmas about the 17/12/08 and the 19inch Widescreen Monitor arrived on the 10/02/09 as this was on a seperate order along with the PCI Graphics Card. All items were reported to Eclipse Computers on date of arrival by telephone conversation with their Customer Services Staff. These guys take your money and when your stuff doesnt show up you ring them ( premium rate number )only to find out your items you ordered are not in stock of which you have to wait or pick alternative items. I have also cont
  13. Hi All I ordered a pc case from Eclipse Computers on 16/12/09 and when it turned up it was badly damaged. I rang Eclipse almost at once for a returns number and got told that I would have to take photos and send them in. I was then told that the courier is responsible not them and I would have to wait for the courier company to contact me ( 28 days max wait ) so I waited but was told to hold on to the case. 28 days later I rang Eclipse as I had heard nothing ( I have an answerphone ). They said someone will be collecting the case on 13/02/09 so I waited. In the meantime I have ordere
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