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  1. hi guys, this week i've been informed that the shop we work at will be closing down in a month, and obviously that'll leave me jobless for a little while. i've been there a few years and will be getting a little redundancy to tide me over, but my main worry is my rent. i was wondering if anyone knows if i'll be able to apply for housing benefit in advance? i know it can take a while to get sorted out. i only pay £200 a month for my room in a shared house (not including rates), but as i'm not expecting to land into a job as soon as i get made redundant from this, i worry that the rent will
  2. nope, no car here. i've written a new letter to them asking pretty much this, also questioning the legitimacy of the other fees. hopefully i'll see some reward from this! thanks for the replies, both of you, the help is very much appreciated!
  3. hi again guys, just a quick one to update you and get some more advice. i received a letter response from Rs, they gave me the baliff's version of events (which, no suprise here, gave a very different version to what actually happened), as well as a breakdown of the charges. here's what they said it was: council tax owed: £37.80 1st visit fee (15th Jan): £24.50 2nd visit fee (21st Jan): £18 Levy Fee (16th Feb): £25.50 Van Attendance (16th Feb): £110 Waiting fee (16th Feb): £60 total £274.80 now, here's the thing. i only had one visit that he left anything throu
  4. awesome, thanks very much for the help, it's given me a lot to go on, i think. and i'm pleased to see i'm not in the wrong for thinking he'd overstepped his boundaries. i've got tomorrow off so i'll be writing to Rossns and to Leicester Council, see what turns up. if i can get the money back then that's a good thing, but mostly i just want to let the baliffs know they can't pull this stuff. i appreciate you guys are here with the help. i'll keep you informed as to how it plays out, see if my case helps anyone else.
  5. hi again, sorry to bump this, but i'd like a little more advice before going to the police with this. how should i treat it? should i speak to rossendales head office to ask them about the charge first, or would this make my case worse? if it helps anyone i denied him entry to my house, although he make a couple of attempts to step past me, and when i denied him this he made comments about 'would he like to rain on my happy little world and get friends and the police around', this was the point where he got aggressive in tone and started jacking up the fee to £500 and started calling the polic
  6. wow, really? thanks for the quick response. does anyone else think i should do this before i go ahead and do it? not to say you're not right, just want to check up before i do anything drastic.
  7. hi guys. i'm a bit new to all this, so i'll try and give as much info as i can, if any of you can advise me if i've been screwed over here or not that'd be great. i moved house back in november to live with some friends, and had informed the council (by writing) i was now residing with the current address. i thought i was fully paid up with my council tax from the previous property. in january 27th (this year) i had a letter from rossendales demanding £80.30 for unpaid council tax on the previous property (this letter also claimed it was a final notice, despite it being the first i'd
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