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  1. Hi andie 303 and cerberusalert, I ahve typed those letters up (very impressive) and am going to post them first thing tomorrow. I will try my best to upload my credit agreements but am not to good on computers!! If need be i will type the whole thing up for you to see!! Many thanks again and please keep an eye on my thread!!
  2. Thanks guys thats a big help i will send out those letters asap!! As for uploading my original documentation i will dig it out and post it through photobucket?? Am at work at the moment but will have a go when i get home tomorrow morning. Just one thing though...is it illegal to set up a direct debit without my permission especially when there is no set figure or original reference number?? I never thought to send a CCA request because to be honest i dont know that much about financial matters!! My big worry is now that i missed a secured payment are they gonna go for the house??
  3. Hi all, Still quite new to this site so apologies if this thread has ended up in the wrong place!!. Anyway...i currently have car finance and a secure loan with Welcome finance(yes stupid i know). Anyway due to my wife having to stop working due to ill health i can just about cover the secured loan payment but not the car payments,i informed Welcome about this change of circumstances via telephone and spoke to a very rude lady!!. She wanted to know what was wrong with my wife, in reply i asked if she was a medical professional?.She then stated that if i didnt pay my arranged monthly pa
  4. Hi Chris, I should think that if 7,000 is what you can afford then they possibly may accept it as refusing you could possibly leave them with nothing!! Also it looks good on you to have made the offer even though it would place you in financial hardship etc etc. Wait for your the reply tomorrow and let us know what happened but remember at the end of the day they must realize if you go for bankruptcy they will end up with nothing so my gut instinct is they will accept the 7,000 Just out of interest has your partner not thought of getting an IVA through the CCCS to deal with the Egg and
  5. Hi supastar I would send it anyway by special delivery to ensure that they dont 'lose' it and then at least they will have to send you your SAR. Chin up it sounds like everyone is giving you good advice and support:)
  6. Hi there Chris, I am no expert in these matters but i am sure someone will be along shortly to give you some sound advice. As for the IVA company i have found these to be a complete rip off as the 'Consumer Credit Counselling Service' offer the same assistance free of charge ( it is a registered charity for people suffering eith aspects of debt) Why not give their website a browse and at least chat to an advisor (this would only help with unsecured debt i think although they may give advice on your secured debt also) Hope this helps:) Hang in there and keep checking this site, i am
  7. Hi folks I have followed this whole saga through and feel compelled to say a big 'well done' to all of tha caggers(especially postggl and Dipply75). I am glad that someone is looking into this bunch of cowboys,i am having some fun with them at the moment (postggl-thanks for your input).My issues with welcome seemtrivial compared to some but now i feel a real moral crusade coming on just to give them someone else to deal with. Dipply75 and postggl very interesting news on Welcome and Cattles being in trouble (am going to do further homework on that one). It would be poetic justice for a
  8. Hi jaxads, Its great to hear that the Welcome fighters are still around!! Just to update you all.... I have decided to let the car go as i really cant keep up with payments since my wife had to leave work due to sudden poor health and the insurance will not cover anything due to the nature of her illness!!. The good news is that i can afford the secured loan payments etc so i shouldnt lose the house (although it will be tight) i just want to sort out this business with the car so i can just concentrate on everything else. I did recieve a letter from the local office of Welcome asking
  9. Hi there its nice to know there are real people out there with the same problems!! In answer to your question i am in arrears by under one month on my secured loan ( this being due to my wife being taken ill suddenly and having to quit work) I can realistically pay my mortgage and secured loan but not the overinflated HP payments and have explained this to Welcome but they just dont want to hear about it! Many thanks for your reply
  10. Hi Bonita I am certainly no expert in the field of property but can you not qualify for legal aid on behalf of your dad? also if a suspected fraud has been commited has it been investigated by the police? if so then it is unlawful to repossess a house whilst it is involved in a criminal investigation such as fraud.
  11. Hi all, Am brand new to this so please bear with me!! I have an HP agreement and also a secured loan with Welcome finance (stupid i know) due to drastic changes in my family's income i cannot afford to keep payments on the car.I recieved a phone call today from Welcome stating that if i didnt pay then both agreements were going to local collection teams for them to deal with!!. I offered to try and resolve the issue by perhaps combining both amounts and paying over a longer term but they were having none of that!!. The charming lady from 'customer relations' stated that if the accounts wer
  12. My advice would be to write to the company again stating all of the facts in order then include that if you cannot resolve the issue then you are going to proceed with a claim with the small claims court (citizens advice website has details on how to pursue a claim) Good luck!!
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