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  1. Thanks both, I'm not there just yet, however the report is a positive sign though. I just wanted to ask some advice. In regards to the Finance company responding back to my email. What would you say is a reasonable amount of time, before lodging the complaint with the FOS? Since sending Creations the doc links, I've heard absolutely nothing, especially considering their last email communication before they received the findings stated I should jog onto the FOS if I am unhappy with their claim rejection.
  2. Morning Guys, Just came to give you a little update on my case. Turns out the independent engineer deemed the vehicle as not fit for sale at the point of purchase. The service was only due every 21k miles and where i over compensated and serviced every year, is what prolonged the timing chain from failing earlier. The examiner was of the opinion that the timing chain for the vehicle is not a serviceable item and does not have a recommended interval for replacement. Simply put, it should last the lifetime of the vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer (Land Rover) have subsequently modified the upper timing chain kits for this vehicle engine three times since this vehicle was built, and modified the lower chain kits some six times. Clearly confirming that a manufacturing defect is present to the currently installed timing chains at the point of build. The vehicle clearly has a manufacturing defect and that this defect would have been present at the point of purchase. The examiner is of the opinion that the vehicle would therefore not have been of satisfactory quality and not fit for purpose at the point of sale in terms of Section 9 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and not of suitable quality and not fit for purpose at the point of purchase in terms of Section 10 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. These findings have been submitted to the Finance company, even though they simply told me to sod off the to the FOS. However, I was advised to cover myself and to furnish the Finance company with the findings. Next step is FOS How this ends and how long it takes is another thing, however I have the expert information that I need I will update as soon as i have the final outcome.
  3. Morning both Thank you for the clarification and update @theoldrouge . I've been behind the scenes looking for an independent engineer. Wasn't so easy tbh. I have one on the cards and another company who I want to use but they are away till Monday. I hope that by the end of next week I can instruct for the assessment to begin. I've been given a price if £750 so far. Can I check that this is a standard looking price for this sort of thing? Fyi to date the finance company still hadn't gotten back to me . Much thanks
  4. Hi There, Let me know what you think? Pcp, docu sign, signed agreement, reconstituted copy of notes. Doesn't really tell me anything, apart from confirmation of pcp. Would like some help in terms of how the body of my complaint to FOS should go. Thanks docs (1).pdf
  5. OK bear with me, I'll get the docs over ASAP. In regards to the dealer asking for my physical presence to confirm identity, could I just send them my drivers licence?
  6. Good evening Have something of nothing really to tell BigMW - I received an email yesterday from the business manager requesting that I attend in person...rather ironic considering I'm imobile hhmmm.... " If you require further information could you please come to site and present valid ID. The purpose of this is to prevent fraud" I would deem this an unreasonable request!! Firstly it's taken 36 days to respond, why isn't my drivers license feasible? Please advise here Creation Finance - Received Docs from Sar request - Doc confirming pcp attached....What do you think? Further to the above, I should have heard back from their investigation (20/05/2022) . I've heard absolutely nothing! Do I at this point send a nudge email to them or just go straight to FOS regarding both parties? Thank you PCP contract_.pdf
  7. Hey, Just so I'm clear! So I should hold fire on sending a reminder of obligations letter to BIGMW?
  8. Good evening, Thought I would give a little uodate in that the dealership BIGMW have failed to respond and ignored my SAR request. Will send out another letter tomorrow I'd be grateful for any links to letter templates of this aspect. Thank you
  9. Noted! I'll comply today. Nope I've not moved at all. How does the one calendar month work then, as their working to their own timeline?
  10. Evening I need some advice. Received a call today (couldn't answer) then an email. Was from creations acknowledging my SAR request dated 12.4.22, they need me to confirm my identity. Firstly I'm confused as they wrote to say they didn't k ow who I was and also addressed me as "your client" Furthermore! Sar request should be actioned within 30 days, yet they are contacting me about 2 days prior to the 40 day limit. Need help on what I should do as this makes no sense to me . letter 10th may 22.pdf
  11. I'm actually wondering if the dealer would come back with anything at all. But yeah!! I can only hold on for hope and exhaust all my avenues with Fos. Thank you and I'll update ASAP
  12. Hi there, Apologies for the long delay, had some personal stuff going on. Firstly I have no idea why Creations are referring to me as "Your client", the letter was not written as a third party as I referred to myself and gave all my personal details including address. If it bides them time, then so be it as I sent the letter addressed to the correct dept which was received and signed for on 14th, so they have until 13th June to send everything over. In regards to the dealership (BigMW) they signed for the letter on 14.04.22, of which I should be due all the docs by thursday. DO i need to chase them or remind them of their duties and obligations? although this should be something they know. Noted to continue making the payments and to hang fire on the VT. Hopefully both companies abide, which can then help build a case for the FOS or possibly going further. Apart from awaiting both companies to respond to my SAR request, Creation should get back to me on or before 20th May 2022 with regards to their investigation (8 weeks).
  13. Noted, regarding the independent inspection that's always been at the back of my mind. If I were to hire a car, could I claim the cost back? For the warranty, I still making those payments. Should I continue or stop? I was worried that if I stopped, I may need to fall on it in some way....ie courtesy car? Should creations refuse to fix the vehicle, could I propose they pay a percentage and I cover the balance? In regards to vt, which part would be the trickiest/costly for me. Should I be ready to hash this out in court? Sorry so many questions, it's giving me major anxiety.
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