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  1. Just an another update and to say thanks! I have received the requested figure of £3300. I cannot praise bell insurace enough. They have been great and I can now find another car. any suggestions for circa £3500 and a car big enough and comfy enough to drive 20,000 miles a year? Steve
  2. The car has now been written off and they have offered me £2300 which of course I have rejected. I spoke to the case officer yesterday who understood that 2300 would not buy me anything like what I had, and I told her of the evidence I have gathered of 10 2004 1.8ls vectras with 50-60k miles which all cost between £3100 and £3800. I have omitted the lowest costing and the ridiculously high costing and sought the median. The case officer seemed to agree of the low offer and said it was a starting point. In lieu of the evidence I told her I would not accept under £3300 which I ho
  3. HI Thanks for the response. I understand they will give me marketvalue etc and will offer a low amount if written off. I have done some research on this forum and others reccommending to copy and paste cars of similar age and mileage etc and to use these prices as examples of what the payout should be. I can be a tough cookie when i need to be but understand it may be a drawn out process. Also, Until they payout (assuming its written off - it will certainly cost more than 50% of the cars value), they will have to pay for my hire car cost, which will keep putting the payout price up.
  4. Hello All, Today I had a lorry sideswipe me (his fault). My front bumper was ripped off, the passenger electric mirror was ripped off, the passenger front and rear doors are very badly scratched and a dent along the whole thing (will need new skins on each) the front wheel arch on passenger side is dented and scratched, the front panel is scratched and dented on passenger side and cosmetic damage here and there on the other side due to being pushed into trees/bushes on the driver side. the temperature sensor and a few wires are also hanging out where the front bumper once was
  5. Hi All, Just an update: THe FSO has adjudged the insurance company to be at fault and although after much leg work I had it removed, they are now to pay me compensation or circa £1000 - Result!
  6. also, if you call experian and explain that its a CCj incurred due to late insurance payout, each reference agency has protocol for this as it is apparently quite common. Please by all means call and ask them in regards to their criteria. I am not a regular poster on this site but i see that you often help people (kudos) on this site and may be able to pass on this info in the future.
  7. Firstly not taken the wrong way....I was shocked too and may have negated to put a few inportant bits of info.. Firstly, My insurance company (who were responsible for the debt) had to write and send a cheque for £75 to the court stating that it was indeed they who were responsible for the debt. - So CCJ removed by court. secondly, the insurance company had to write to each credit agency (experian, equifax and call credit) who them removed the CCJ. All this was the advice of creditexpert and my creit and score on all 3 sites now show in the fair-good category. I have recently had a loa
  8. how did you get on? mine was removed from all records and now i am chasing the insurance company who are playing silly beggars.....FSO are on my side tho!
  9. let us know how it goes...i will do the same...only called exerian yesterday and it takes upto 28days to remove it.....i was thinking of suing the insurance company as loan got turned down, credit cards got hiked up etc...had perfect history until this debarcle.
  10. Do not fear...Salvation is here!! haha i have just got my credit report and it has a ccj due a car accident and insurance not paying out in time...its satisfied now but still on my record...so.....with the insurance company being inept and the court not really helping, I called Experian....all you need to do is get your insurance company to write a letter with all the court details, including case number, date, amount etc, and then also your details, and it must state that they were liable for the fees not you...it will then be removed!!! I hope...
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