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  1. an update well i still have had no response from robinson way as far as i am aware they were granted 20 days to reply from the first of october for there case,i was given 14 days for my defense which i did .
  2. stupid me brain not in gear just look at my spelling !!thanks
  3. thanks for that , robbin what do you mean by imo thanks
  4. hi sorry i missed you last night sleeping to early morning shifts i read through thread seems to me that everyone is getting thiese does this mean that they have to restart all court action also it appears that they have added the previous court costs (which was ajourned no costs to them granted to rw )has been added regardless of what previous judge ruled . please bear with me i will try to get on pc this eveing
  5. hi is there anyone out there who knows what the robbers are upto does this mean that the impending court case is still current? as there apparantley is a new assignee and not forgetting i am still awaiting reply of my defense
  6. Re: Robinson Way Court Proceedings - Help urgently needed! IN THE NORWICH COUNTY COURT BETWEEN - CLAIM NO ROBINSON WAY LTD claimant AND defendant DEFENSE STATEMENT OF 1 / On the 27’ of August 1997- I responded to an advert in Auto trader for a loan by telephone, of which I distinctly remember being assured by the person on the other line that the P.P.I policy would pay out even though I would probably be going self employed in the near future. I was told that to get the loan I would have to take out this P.P.I policy in order to help my credit score. 2/ A few months later a fa
  7. I Have Edited The Text Now With A Little Help Please See post 88 thanks
  8. hi i did not realise that this had happened as you can tell i am not very good at pc skills . will ask my good friend tinnud to correct
  9. hi looks very interesting this will take me a while to read and understand thanks lilly white also looks like i am getting another judge next time but i will send your regards on thanks martin
  10. wow thanks lillywhite without making myself sound stupid does that mean that RW have to now provide evidence from Abbey that this was served correctly if at all. and also does this mean that the current alleged assignee R W have to also follow this course ,which there have not ?. The PPi is also an issue that helped me get this case ajourned as i do remember being told that if i take it ,i will get loan (misselling).i cannot remember receiving any documentation on ppi and total breakdown of cost etc. the dj tried to work out a figure less ppi and suggested that the figure would be
  11. hi after reading some threads i have just realised that i have not received a default notice from rw and as far as i am aware from abbey . there is nothing on my credit history about the loan or any asscoiation with abbey or rw .is these worth mentioning this in my defense
  12. hi after reading some threads i have just realised that i have not received a default notice from rw and as far as i am aware from abbey . there is nothing on my credit history about the loan or any asscoiation with abbey or rw .is these worth mentioning this in my defense
  13. i am not really sure i guess i have to wait for court papers although the dj said 14 days and the rw 21 days to respond
  14. hi i beleive 14 days the dj said but i am pretty sure that will be from the letter postmark from court the lawyer rw asked for 21 days to respond
  15. hi all i am back you were right about lawyer trying to coherse me before hearing ie he would like to have a chat and what my intentions are i told him noooooo . i got into hearing and mam asked me for my reasons to defend my case and i produced above posted letter .and i mentioned no proof assignment ,multiple agreement and ppi i was shaking abit because i had not stated any of this inthe orignal defense ie court order . i asked for ajournment and and my defense was so nearly not allowed . so i mentioned that i had been willing to go to mediation which was offered robs solictors were not then
  16. thanks for that cymruambyth i am taking 2 copies in as you kindly suggest really nervous as never been to court before and due to my complete breakdown in late 97 and relapse 02 my nerves can let me down .these dms are total leaches and the goverment should act to clear up this industry .even in there statement of proof they lied i have never paid them a penny and will prove this point through my bank statements which will show £5 a month on standing order going out to outstanding services the of shoot DM to abbey national as i remember 10 years ago . also the figures do not make sense and th
  17. hi thanks caggies for your help so far and a special thanks to tinnud. i have been away the last two weeks and tinnud was helping me .i have read through the thread and some but still not sure what way i should defend claim .
  18. hi you are right i am not sure how to make larger
  19. i received this letter a couple of days ago .there have completely ignored my previous requests for cca default notice etc assignment letter , i am ringing court today to check my defense got there and in time .i will let you know what court says tonight .i have not used statue barred as my defense but i can now 100% say i have received no notification or letters statements for over 8 years is it to late to use this in my defense ?? any help would be appreciated ps i will not be back on till evening thanks
  20. for those that are interested i have just got a letter from robbers offering a reduction of half for final settlement and there would clear the rest !!! this was sent by there solicitors horwich farrelly i sent a shortened version of #41 but did not mention staue barred yet as my defense thanks
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