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  1. bump Can anyone help regarding my update (last two posts) as they're now pressurising me in to replying and accepting either paying up or extending my contract when I don't want to do any
  2. As Conliff pointed out What does durable media mean? It it a printed letter/contract that I have, some hidden T&C on a website?
  3. Update I've just had the following reply from them saying they are refusing to cancel the contract and I am not covered by the 7 day cooling off period The point is I was advised by them to ipgrade, at no point was it made clear of the increased technical knowledge needed and it does not make that clear on their website either. It says control is via a control panel and naturally I presumed it would be the same as the one I currently use which is an excellent GUI So they're saying my cooling off period is only to allow me to change my mind whether I want their service an
  4. Thanks, just asked to be upgraded over the phone and within 12 hours I asked them to cancel as it clearly wasn't suitable Will have to wait and see what the reply from them is now
  5. Conniff - I have previously read all of that which you have posted and still believe It comes under the 7 day cooling off period - from what I've told you is that your understanding too or do you think it may not be covered and if so then why? Thanks
  6. Is this covered under the Distance selling Act? I have been with a provider for around 9 months, after having a few problems they suggested I upgrade packages The package I was on was controlled by a good graphical user interface that enabled me to do everything with very little technical knowledge After ensuring I could backup and export my databases etc I upgraded Within 12 hours of the upgrade and calls to their support line I informed them I wished to cancel the package as it needed much more technical knowledge and the control panel did not resemble what I had availabl
  7. I took a chance - the problem for me is that companies that advertise these checks find a faulty item - they don't send it out to the person requesting a check, they're unable to do anything with it which means those not paying for checks are more likely to get a faulty item aren't they? Regarding making people aware of pixel policies, from what I saw, spending around 3 weeks looking online very very few companies mentioned pixel policies, even fewer actually stated what they were or gave links for specific manufacturers. There are very few things nowadays where it's deemed that a fa
  8. Thanks all for the comments Just to say it eventually arrived (the first one supposedly lost in transit) and all was OK
  9. Thanks - I realise most of that Regarding Pixels - according to standards it's acceptable so therefore not a fault (although I doubt I'd ever find a consumer that agrees) However, I'd have thought technology has moved on somewhat in the last ten years and pixel policies should be reviewed. My main concern what whether there were any getout clauses relating to an item such as a laptop, as there is if software has been opened. And whether agreeing to the windows agreement that you have to do when turning the laptop on for the first time would come under the software clause or
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first post so be gentle (Great website BTW and some facsinating threads I'm already subbed to) I'm looking to buy a high spec laptop online next week (over £1,000) Anyway, I'm concerned about pixel policies of various manufacturers that means I could end up paying that sort of money for a duff laptop without being able to do anything about it. Under the distance selling act would I be able to simply return it if I find out it's got some dead pixels? Are there any restrictions - does turning the laptop on and accepting the windows agreement mean I've
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