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  1. I have complained to the CEO's office numerous times, I have even spoken to the assistant treasurer. No one is interested. I made a complaint to the LGO and they have said that they fully believe that they have got my husbands name wrong and that the liability orders can not be enforced, but the council were right to chase him with that name as that was the info that they had!!!!!!! I also do not belive that the LGO's ruling makes any sence as we were telling the council from 2008 that they had the wrong info and offered to prove it but they declinded, so how can they state that the co
  2. Hi, Just wondering if I could get a bit of advice. Its a very very long story but to cut it short my husband and I are having massive trouble with our council in regards to his council tax. For years they were sending the council tax bills in an incorrect name. My husband and I were going through a bit of a rough patch and he moved out and had a tenancy agreement that proved that he was living else where. They refused to look at that because it was a different name than the one they had. We tried and tried and tried to tell them they had the wrong name and offered to show them his pa
  3. I don't know wether this information will be of any use considering that its not regarding a DCA but when I worked for a rather large insurance back in 2006, there was a guy that billed us for the time that he had to spend dealing with his claim and was successful in the courts. I don't remember to many details but I remember he provided evidence to the court by way of his salary to prove how much his time was worth. There was no contract between him and the company as he was a third party, so I don't see how this could not perhaps work for other companies that take up your time. As they
  4. I have a major complaint going through with David Lloyd at the moment. The way that I have been treated by them is nothing more than inhuman all because they cocked up my suspension of membership and refused to do anything about it. Its not like I suspended my membership because I just didn't want to go any more, my mum is dyeing and I needed all of my spare time to help look after her. You would think that I would be shown some compassion, but noooooo. I've even been laughed at down the phone. I've been looking for directors names or even an e-mail or contact details for Scott Lloyd that
  5. I deal with HSBC all the time and in the six years that I have banked with them, I have never ever failed to get my charges back off them, in fact I think that they are the easiest to get around. As this issue appears to be the banks fault for letting the bill go out, any subsequent charges that have been incurred because of there mistake is their responsibility. Call them and ask to speak to the branch liaison team, they are a lot more reasonable and easier to negotiate with than the idiots that read from a script and have a melt down if you ask them for any thing more than your balance.
  6. After reading what all you little stars have posted, let me see if I have got the jist of this. Once a contract has gone in to default, the T & C's in regards to the CRA being able to store your data become nul and void. There is no permision there for a CRA to continue to handle or publish data in regards to that account? Is it also right that I wouldnt have to contact the companies directly that I had a contract with but instead go directly to the CRA to demand the removal from my credit file (I really dont want to have to contact the companys as I would have more fun being attacked
  7. Hi all, I'm a bit new to this forum so if I'm taking out of my backside then please feel free to call me on it (I'll just blame the sleeping tablet that I took and never kicked in) I've just looked a credit agreement and it says a lot about what it will and might do with CRA's but what it doesn't say that you have no right to opt out of CRA if you so wish after the account has been opened (maybe clutching at straws but its your details so if it doesn't say it, theres no rule there to say that you cant) There is also no mention that you must agree to your details being registed with the CR
  8. Bump. has any one got any info on this. I know that its a bit long but I am desparate now.
  9. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. Sorry its a bit of a long one I contacted Promise Finance back in 2006 to discuss taking out a secured loan. They said that one of there lenders Paragon finance could take this on and that they would send someone round and true to their word they did. The gentleman that came round was nice but became very pushy when my partner and I said that we weren't sure if we were doing the right thing and we wanted some time to think about it. He made us think that if we didn't sign there and then we wouldn't be considered by any other lenders. By this time w
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