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  1. Hi, Be grateful if anyone could give me advice on this one. I had an MBNA account years ago which they sold on to Wescot credit services in May 2004. I sent MBNA a SAR and the 40 days has just elapsed. All they sent me back was copies of a screen shot from a computer with my details on and the application form I sent in. The balance of my account when they sold it was £1,400. My credit limit was £1,000. I have rang them to say they have not sent me a list of charges or statements but they say there system shows this request as complete and that I have to write in again!! Does anyone know a contact number for any other department I can ring to try and get them to send these out asap?
  2. Hi, I don't have any defaults registered against me but the record is poor. Does anyone know what the process is regarding credit rating? I am trying to claim charges from a few people.
  3. Can anyone give me some advice. I have a poor credit rating and I am looking into my girlfriend paying off my debts. If this is done and all my debt is cleared, how long does it take for your credit rating to improve? I understand it is done on a month by month basis but I am hoping the fact the amount of debt will be zero that this will help and quite quickly. The reason I ask is that I am wanting to go on her mortgage and obviously need a better credit rating to do so. Thanks
  4. Thanks. I have a loan with Natwest £5K, one with Welcome Finance £5K and one with Citi Financial about £700 left on it. The rest of my debts are made up of a lot of small debts and to numerous creditors. Basically I pay about £1000 per month paying them off and really wanted to reduce this. That is why I was hoping to try and get a loan. Therefore I would have one payment to make over say 5 years. I have arrears on the loans so that is anothere reason I wanted to clear them. I have requested charges to be paid back from the loans and have not heard anything back from Welcome yet and Citi have said I need to pay £30 for a statement. Which I am sure isn't right?
  5. Hi, I have about 15K worth of debt. This is spread over 3 loans and a lot with debt collection agencies. I am trying to get a Loan for the 15K as one of my main problems is trying to keep up with all the debtors. I just want one payment to make. I have a poor credit rating but as yet no defaults. So don't want to go down the debt management plan. Is there any firm that anyone knows of that may be able to help with this? Thanks
  6. Thanks for that - So just to confirm that although the charges are from October 02 - As I first made contact with them in Jan 07 - That is the date I have to go by for the six years. In which case I will write to them again asking for them back with details of my hardship before taking them to court. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am trying to claim back charges from the Abbey but they have said they are waiting for the result of the court case - Surprise surprise. I may try again to prove my hardship to see what they say. However the majority of my charges are from 1st October 2002. Do I have to do a court claim today for it to be valid. I started pursuing these charges roughly 18 months ago. My mum seemed to think that this is the date for the 6 year ruling, when you first became aware of it and contacted them. Can you clarify which one is correct as if it is that one I will write to the Abbey with my hardship details and proof - Otherwise I will submit a court claim today. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am thinking of moving in with my girlfriend. I have a poor rating (337 on Equifax) and my girlfriend has a very good credit rating. If I move in with her to her house will my poor rating effect hers because I am at the same address? We have no financial ties together so are not linkied that way. Thanks
  9. Thanks. I will request the statements and let you know.
  10. These lot really are the **** of the earth. I started out with a £1000 loan and then for 3 times when I had a few payments left got a new loan! Stupid I know. Anyway the last loan I got was for £4,500 - I missed about 7 payments on this account and now I pay £200 per month. When I last got my statement the figure left was £5,300!!! Even though I had paid £1000 off the debt at least. The reason for this was interest and charges! At present the interest payments are about £140 out off the £200 I pay each month!! Is there anything I can do about this to reclaim the charges, interest or basically just challenge welcome at all?
  11. Hi, I was looking for a loan of £15K to clear off all my debts. Because I have a poor credit rating this is obviously hard to do and the guys I spoke to said that they couldn't find a lender for that amount of unsecured debt. Fair enough I thought on that as they can't be sure I would use it to clear off my debt. I have seen on other threads about CCCS requests and about signed agreements - Can someone explain this for me as it may help to reduce my debt - especially with welcome finance!! Anyway the guy on the phone said I could do a Finance Management Plan which would mean I would pay £295 per month for 4 years. I said that I was unsure becasue I am sure it effects your credit rating. He said it does to start with but not for long. Can someone tell me what effect entering into one of these has on your credit rating and are they advisable to do so? Thanks
  12. No I Haven't. I spkoke to the firm today and the court and they said all I can do is ask to suspend the attachment and see if the company are willing for me to make payments direct rather than taking out of my wages. If they dont accept it then it will be from my employer. How do I request a copy of my CCA? Many Thanks
  13. Hi, Please can someone help me on this urgently!!! I received a letter from the court yesterday that a company called Nelson Guest were applying for an attachment of earnings order to be placed against me for a debt that is 10 years old. I have not received any letters or calls from them for over 2 years and this is the first I have heard. I missed making a few payments and generally forgot about the account. If thye had sent me a letter before this action I would of acted. Is there anything I can do to stop the attachment as with the area I work in it will cost me my job? Please can you help!!
  14. Hi, Yesterday I received a letter from the court saying that Nelson Guest had applied for an attachment of earnings order against me for my old MBNA account. It is 10 years old and I haven't heard from Nelson Guest for over 2 years and now I get this. Is there anything I can do about this as it will ocst me my job to have an attachment aginast me with the area I work in. Urgent advice needed please!!!!!!
  15. Many thanks for that. I won't include compensation even though it has probably cost me thousands over the years with higher rate loans etc.... Anyway as long as I get my money back and the default removed I will be happy. But have already been warned by Abbey that any court claim will be counter acted with the on going action so could be a while!!!!! Thanks again
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