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  1. Hi, Just an update... I received a call from Lee a couple of weeks ago, basically advising me to download the latest software again. He confirmed that the only way to gauge my usage is to call and ask or to go online and download the individual data usage amounts in excel format and then insert a SUM function. Personally I don't think either of these options are practical to avoid being charged excess fees. Especially as continually downloading the data usage comes from my data allowance. I have twice now downloaded and installed the latest software from the Vodafone site.
  2. Hi Lee, I check my junk box regularly... no response? Also I think you may be misunderstanding my current issue with the application? One of the Vodafone technical team remote accessed my laptop 3 or 4 weeks ago and downloaded the latest software already. This ran ok for a few days. The problem now is not just that it's not counting my usage correctly. No matter how many times I click on the various ways to load the Vodafone Mobile Broadband application it doesn't launch at all! The only way I can connect to the web is to click on the wifi icon in the bottom right co
  3. Hi Lee, Thank you for your interest. I did receive an automated reply when I logged my issues on the website. The reference number is [#6594768]. As of yet I have received no response to that? I did get a call from Omar last week who was calling me back as I requested to be put through to a Supervisor when I was getting nowhere on the phone a couple of days before (as mentioned in my thread). Unfortunately all he said was to confirm that (at least at present) it is not possible to see a tally of total data used through the website and that I would continue to have to
  4. Hi Lee, I have already logged my issues through that link straight after I posted here? No reply as of yet...
  5. Hi, I recently took out a new Vodafone Mobile Broadband deal after my old deal (which included a laptop) reached its two year expiry date. I had 5GB per month but never came near that usage partly because the signal was usually very poor (something I contacted Vodafone about a few times but they didn't seem to be able to do much about, despite my living in a 'strong signal area'). I wanted them to match a deal I had seen in Tesco 3GB for £15 per month on a monthly contract. I didn't think this would be an issue as that deal was with Vodafone and when I called them direct and ex
  6. Still no comments from anyone?? RW have now written to say they may do a home visit. Still no notice of assignment and the CRA's are still showing the Default as under Halifax. I am replying with an harassment & I'll report you letter... but they've already had one of those and seem happy to ignore it. Anyone willing to give some practical advice and responses to my last post?
  7. Can anyone help with how I complete the Statement of Account and what it is the Judge is after? As I have an interlocutory Judgement and the bank filed no defence it seems daft that this is all that is preventing me from Judgement by Default?
  8. Hi all, I have sat back and thought about this for a little while and I am still struggling with a few things. Before anyone jumps in with 'because I said so' type comments please consider that I do not wish to be gung ho, my queries are serious and considered. I can also appreciate that there are 'moral' arguments on both sides. I have heard the 'better off leaving it to someone with more knowledge and clout' argument but there is no one stepping up to defend the consumer. I am after honest, serious responses that explain the thought process and rationale behind them. I have
  9. Thanks for the advice Patrickq and DD! I will request an audit trail and do the harassment letter. I generally record any phone calls I do have anyway. Funny enough I have a telephone transcript of one call to HBOS and it includes their conversations to different departments while I was on hold. I may post it, it really shows how the people on the phone are all clueless.
  10. No offence was taken... and I've been called far worse. I just need to understand why Court action is not the right thing to do. Why would it be so expensive as a Litigant In Person? Just to confirm, screen -shots have been received as part of the SAR asnd they do show a DN in Feb. I never received one. Another was sent (and received) in April. I have written to Robinson Way advising them the account has been in dispute since March 2009 and was unlawfully rescinded in March 2010 and should be passed back to HBOS. I also asked for a Notice of Assignment. They replied asking
  11. OK, so taking them to Court is "nuts" and "only a plank" would try it... Name-calling doesn't constitute an effective, intelligent argument in my book. Can anyone explain why it's the wrong thing to do and address the points I have raised which seem to suggest that it's not such a bad idea?
  12. Why nuts to go to Court? They have already told me they will not go to Court but simply assign the debt to a DCA. Am I supposed to put up with endless hassling telephone calls and letters etc. from several DCA's repeating myself over and over that "the account is in dispute" until the debt is statute barred? All the while the alleged debt grows as interest and charges are added and my credit rating gets worse and worse. In my opinion it is clear the account has been unlawfully rescinded and has several other discrepancies (see my letter quoted above). Even if I lost at Cou
  13. Thanks. Will do. What about the statement of account? Should I include all the fees paid to Counsel (these run into £thousands) or just the fees I paid to the claims company?
  14. Hi Vint and thanks again for your help!! I'm keen to go to Court if I can as I want to put an end to this and have already issued a Letter Before Action: 17th August 2010 Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Re:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Unlawful Rescission Letter Before Action Thank you for your final response letter dated 9th August 2010. I was most amused to read that... “To re-iterate when a letter is sent terminating the credit agreement, this means we are withdrawing your credit facility, not terminating your whole agreement.” The last card issued e
  15. Hi Vint and thanks for your input! The CC company passed this debt to Experto Credite after Court proceedings were issued and haven't done anything about it themselves in months. EC have chased it and said that the Court action is over according to MBNA (the CC company) but this is obviously not true. No Notice of Assignment was ever received. The claim companies solicitors issued proceedings last year on my behalf and when MBNA issued no defence to their ammended POC's they applied for Judgement by Default. The Judge has awarded an interlocutory Judgement pending a Witness St
  16. Wrote an LBA to Halifax and received a 'final response' refuting all my claims and advising me to go to FOS. I may well do but now need to issue a claim at Court. Can anyone help with the POC's? I'm not sure whether to just focus on the unlawful repudiation or to include the account in dispute due to just receiving an application form as the CCA agreement, interest, fees & charges still being added, statements sent in SAR response not going back to start of account, therefore no way of knowing if PPI refund is correct, different DCA's chasing payments, etc. etc. Any advice woul
  17. I wrote to the Court asking if I could take over this claim as an LIP and (eventually) got a reply saying it ios not for the Court to give me any advice. I wasn't asking for advice, I was following the instructions given to me on the phone to take it over as an LIP. They are extremely unhelpful whenever I have called chasing a response, telling me there's a backlog of correspondence due to being short-staffed and cut-backs. Eventually I got a bit annoyed and reminded them that I had paid the appropriate fees for Court action and expected some kind of customer service. They did tell me
  18. Have now received a letter from HBOS saying... “To re-iterate when a letter is sent terminating the credit agreement, this means we are withdrawing your credit facility, not terminating your whole agreement.” What planet are they on? That doesn't even make sense!!
  19. Hi, I'm working my way through this thread from the start as I have 3 invalid DN's, all with slightly different circumstances and their own threads but responses on this thread are huge, so please forgive me if my point has been raised since. I came across this post: Firstly, if arrears can be claimed by the OC up until the letter accepting rescision, why should any payments not be seen as off-setting against those arrears? Surely allowing the banks to charge arrears but not allowing the debtor to make a payment without damaging any legal claim he may have is an unfair r
  20. Hi all, Can I get some advice for my thread please? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?253070-Halifax-and-phantom-Default-Notice Thanks everyone, keep up the good work!
  21. A quick summary of action so far: Aug '08 Credit card expired - no replacement issued as they wanted me to switch from VISA to Mastercard (I.E. a new account) with no valid explanation - I refused Dec '08 I asked HBOS to accept token payments and hold charges and interest due to a change in my circumstances HBOS replied advising me to seek independant financial advice and continue making token payments - charges and interest not mentioned Feb '09 HBOS continued taking minimum payments by DD, so DD cancelled Interest still being applied to account I sent CCA req
  22. I do see your point of view. We do have the same objective. Still I have to ask what practical advice is there that helps me and others like me? Sit tight and wait, putting up with their harassment, charges and blacklisting in the hope that maybe, sometime, someone else will take up the mantle is not practical. It drags the process on and causes ongoing damage in the meantime. It is allowing them to fight on their terms. It is only by being pro-active rather than reactive that we can choose our ground. With effectively no protection curently in place from these bullies, it is up
  23. I understand your arguments seriouslyfedup. If I could believe that they would take me to Court I would happilly allow them to do so and Defend. The reality is though they know the risks - as you point out - and they are extremely unlikely to bring Court action. Instead they will blacklist, harass, pass on to one DCA after another, etc. etc. This process is likely to last years... and in the meantime we have little option than to take all their actions on the chin and reply with letters threatening to report them to the FOS or ICO etc. etc. who take months to even review a complaint
  24. I'm sorry but I thought this site was for people that wanted to fight back against the banks and credit card companies because we've had enough of them playing the game subject to their rules? It sounds as though you think the best option is allow them to bully us as they see fit and hope that one day it all goes away? Some of us want to deal with these issues so that we can carry on with the rest of our lives without this cloud hanging over us and those closest to us - don't forget telephone calls and doorstep visits affect them too. To suggest not standing up for our legal rights i
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