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  1. Hi I ordered a Beko Washer Dryer from Littlewoods on 29/03/15 and received the following week. On 19/10/15 the item developed a fault and stopped drying clothes so I reported it to Littlewoods who diverted me to Beko. Beko arranged for an engineer and they came the first time the week after. I'm now 6 weeks later and an engineer has been out 5 times and still not working. Littlewoods initially said after two failed repair attempts they'll remove the item but this hasn't happened. They even went as far as apologising and offered me 10% off my replacement machine. Now they're insistent Beko need to keep sending engineers. Beko are awful. The engineers that attend haven't got a clue what they're doing and they're answer to everything is we'll send an engineer. I've taken off 5 days from work now, made numerous phone calls to both parties and nobody ever calls me back. I paid £700 for this item for it to break so quickly and now incurring laundrette expenses too and have been for 6 weeks. I can't get a new machine as still have this one where littlewoods are refusing to take away even though it's clearly not repairable and can't afford just to write it off. I've emailed too and just get the fob offs of if you haven't heard back in a few days get back to us. Any ideas please?
  2. Hi I've just spent about 90 minutes trying to figure out where to pay an employment tribunal hearing fee. The notice to pay didn't have a url on and when I go to www.employmenttribunalsservice.gov.uk it just takes me through making a new claim but this isn't correct - please can someone point me in the right direction?
  3. Thanks - it's all extremely confusing and it seems such a crazy system that I'm paying out more money to try and get what's owed to me.
  4. I didn't know it was an option and now already started the process of an employment tribunal
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice.* I started a job in March 2014 for a small company and everything seemed ok until 1st payday when I was told I would be paid through an umbrella company. This continued for 6 months before the Director said she'd pay me direct by bank transfer as it was costing too much through the umbrella as they had to pay VAT on top. For my first pay it was odd as I was paid £1700 (annual salary £24000) - and when I asked why it was a round number, she said the extra was bonuses to make it easier on accounts and I'd get a pay statement soon. Same happened again the following months but still no payslip. This continued through to January 2015 but things became more strange.* We were looking at new office space and agreed on a property but the landlord wanted to secure against the Directors house as the company was new? Which was bizarre as when I went for the interview I checked the company against Companies House and had been established for 5 years. So I did a bit of digging and found out the company was struck off for non compliance and not filing accounts in May 2014. The Director had re-registered the company under a similar name a week later. This made sense now that if accounts haven't been filed - no tax or national insurance had been sent for me either from my deductions and decided it was time to leave. I resigned on 6th February 2015 giving one weeks notice which was agreed to be paid in lieu as I'd only taken 14 days annual leave. The February pay day came and went and as suspected I didn't get paid. I sent am email requesting payment as per ACAS guidelines and waited a week. No response. I opened an early conciliation case with ACAS waited 4 weeks - no response. Then the Director called ACAS and said I'd be paid on 26th April - and said it's because she'd been in hospital (she hadn't - we have mutual friends and pictures were on social media of nights out). I still wasn't paid on 26th and had opened an ET1 claim which expires on 15th May. Yesterday ACAS called me with an offer of £577 - which is half of what I'm due and have already paid out the £160 to open the claim as my pay is now almost 3 months overdue.* It left me in a bit of a mess where I had to borrow money to cover bills in February. I've since got another job which is amazing - but feeling very angry about the way my ex employer is behaving. I still haven't received any payslips, the notice period I was technically still working as she called everyday and I attended a networking meeting to resign my post so the company could still continue. My question is - how will this be perceived in a hearing if it gets to this stage as from my point of view - I feel they've behaved so poorly it'd be difficult for me to lose?
  6. Thanks - this seems to be the general theme that you have to create a bit of a fuss to be able to get a response for their errors. It's the most bizarre organisation ever that every working individual is a tax expert - which I'm not... and need to constantly chase them.Needless to say - lesson learnt with these that I need to save paperwork for at least 10 years as the initial request included money from 2004/05!!!
  7. Hi - thanks for this.I've sent them a letter twice and have received rejections twice.I've contacted an accountant to look over my documents and they've send to send back for a third more formal complaint highlighting they failed to pick up on the error they'd made in 2010... hopefully this should give them a nudge.
  8. Hi, I'm having a nightmare with HMRC and by no way shape or form am I an accountant and am getting lost in a sea of paper! I've worked several jobs since 2010 mainly due to relocation and in some occasions worked more than one job at the same time (bills have to be paid - so had to clean toilets at the same time as my main job) In April 2009 I started Job 1 and started Job 2 in June 2009 at the same time. Job 2 was put on BR and I didn't have a P45 to give them as it wasn't my main role and was advised not to complete a P46 as it wasn't my main job. In September 2010 I started Job 3 to replace 1 & 2 and handed in my P45 to Job 3 from Job 1. In November 2010 I received a notification of a refund and called to query and was told this related to an earlier year. This was around £343. In this month I also received a coding change for Job 2 from BR to 647L, but was irrelevant as I'd already left Job 2. I left Job 3 in August 2011 for Job 4 which was a temporary role from September 2011 - October 2011, Job 5 was from November 2011 - April 2012 (I received ssp for the whole of March & April). I am now currently in Job 6 and have been since May 2012. In May 2012 I received a P800 notification for underpayment of tax relating to 2010 - 2011 of £585.54. I wrote to them under ESC A19 and said I disagreed with their calculations as I had called to check the repayment was due and that the tax coding for Job 2 was sent even though I had worked for the company for over 12 months as a second job. After hearing nothing for several months I chased up in August and received a letter in September. They agreed the sum was incorrect as £166 was for an underpayment in 08/09 and wouldn't be collected. BUT increased it an additional and amended P800 to £645 as said I had underpaid in 11/12! An additional £60 - but one which I wasn't made aware of until querying the previous years! I wrote back to HMRC in September and called too - only to be told that my file will only be reviewed once more and this is my limit. However - this isn't the original query as they had amended it from an underpayment in 10/11 to one of 10/11 & 11/12. They said they would get back to me in two weeks (27th Sep) and received a reply today to say that they have declined my appeal again because they hadn't received a P45 from Job 3 when I left Job 1. (Bear in mind I left Job 1 & 2 at the same time and only received a P45 from Job 2 in May 2012 when I requested one after the underpayment became apparent) Job 5 was on the incorrect tax code (747L M1) Pay of £8450.50 & Tax deducted £1097.40 on P60 issued April 2012 There is or was no reason for me to believe all was not in order and HMRC aren't been transparent by changing the years they're collecting tax for. I can't afford to pay them back the money they're demanding - nor do I think it should be collected as it's a series of errors I wouldn't have been aware of. I paid BR in Job 2 & Job 5 I was on the single persons tax code throughout. I appreciate this is complicated, but any help anyone could give would be much appreciated.
  9. Hi I had a loan for £100 with Wageday Advance back in June 2011 - I cleared the account and nothing further until October 2011 where I received an email claiming my account had been passed to Motormile. I emailed Wageday Advance who said it was sent in error and to disregard and heard nothing until yesterday morning when I received a letter through my door from Equidebt wanting £101 for Motormile?! I don't have an account with them and luckily kept all the emails sent - has this happened to anyone else? What can I do?
  10. Yeah stopped them accessing my account ages ago - they're not getting an extra penny and can whistle!
  11. You didn't hear anything further from them about the additional charges? I hate them... stamping feet ... hate them!
  12. Don't hold your breath... Paid 3 months at £40 per month and started getting calls from Castlebridge this week. Turns out they're the DCA for Payday Express. The advisor who said if I paid £40 they'd waive the charges on my account - failed to tell me they'd only keep my account for 3 months. Luckily I've improved my cash flow recently and was planning to clear the remaining £380 on 24th June, only to be told they'd accept a minimum settlement of £490!!! I'm livid... argued with some numpty at Castlebridge for a bit and they called PDE. They said they couldn't take the account back and then miraculously offered to accept £470...! I refused, and told them to listen to the call where the initial payment arrangement was made. Agreed I'd pay £380 at the end of the month and they could pretty much chase me for the rest of my life for the rest... especially since they'd already agreed I didn't have to pay it. I've sent a dispute letter to Castlebridge, told the advisor at PDE to listen to the call and see if they want to pursue legal for the remaining money...! I'm furious as was tough to meet the £40 a couple of times and should've just paid them £1 a month for the rest of my life! ****... hate them!
  13. They were brill - like speaking with a different company altogether - the woman on the phone dedicated herself as my own account manager and called me back when she said she was going to - didn't even kick off when I refused to give my card details and gave me their bank details to pay money in every month.
  14. They are useless - Nottingham have even taken my number off of the dialler now!
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