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  1. Hi I ordered a Beko Washer Dryer from Littlewoods on 29/03/15 and received the following week. On 19/10/15 the item developed a fault and stopped drying clothes so I reported it to Littlewoods who diverted me to Beko. Beko arranged for an engineer and they came the first time the week after. I'm now 6 weeks later and an engineer has been out 5 times and still not working. Littlewoods initially said after two failed repair attempts they'll remove the item but this hasn't happened. They even went as far as apologising and offered me 10% off my replacement machine. Now
  2. Hi I've just spent about 90 minutes trying to figure out where to pay an employment tribunal hearing fee. The notice to pay didn't have a url on and when I go to www.employmenttribunalsservice.gov.uk it just takes me through making a new claim but this isn't correct - please can someone point me in the right direction?
  3. Thanks - it's all extremely confusing and it seems such a crazy system that I'm paying out more money to try and get what's owed to me.
  4. I didn't know it was an option and now already started the process of an employment tribunal
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice.* I started a job in March 2014 for a small company and everything seemed ok until 1st payday when I was told I would be paid through an umbrella company. This continued for 6 months before the Director said she'd pay me direct by bank transfer as it was costing too much through the umbrella as they had to pay VAT on top. For my first pay it was odd as I was paid £1700 (annual salary £24000) - and when I asked why it was a round number, she said the extra was bonuses to make it easier on accounts and I'd get a pay statement soon. Same happened again th
  6. Thanks - this seems to be the general theme that you have to create a bit of a fuss to be able to get a response for their errors. It's the most bizarre organisation ever that every working individual is a tax expert - which I'm not... and need to constantly chase them.Needless to say - lesson learnt with these that I need to save paperwork for at least 10 years as the initial request included money from 2004/05!!!
  7. Hi - thanks for this.I've sent them a letter twice and have received rejections twice.I've contacted an accountant to look over my documents and they've send to send back for a third more formal complaint highlighting they failed to pick up on the error they'd made in 2010... hopefully this should give them a nudge.
  8. Hi, I'm having a nightmare with HMRC and by no way shape or form am I an accountant and am getting lost in a sea of paper! I've worked several jobs since 2010 mainly due to relocation and in some occasions worked more than one job at the same time (bills have to be paid - so had to clean toilets at the same time as my main job) In April 2009 I started Job 1 and started Job 2 in June 2009 at the same time. Job 2 was put on BR and I didn't have a P45 to give them as it wasn't my main role and was advised not to complete a P46 as it wasn't my main job. In September 2010 I star
  9. Hi I had a loan for £100 with Wageday Advance back in June 2011 - I cleared the account and nothing further until October 2011 where I received an email claiming my account had been passed to Motormile. I emailed Wageday Advance who said it was sent in error and to disregard and heard nothing until yesterday morning when I received a letter through my door from Equidebt wanting £101 for Motormile?! I don't have an account with them and luckily kept all the emails sent - has this happened to anyone else? What can I do?
  10. Yeah stopped them accessing my account ages ago - they're not getting an extra penny and can whistle!
  11. You didn't hear anything further from them about the additional charges? I hate them... stamping feet ... hate them!
  12. Don't hold your breath... Paid 3 months at £40 per month and started getting calls from Castlebridge this week. Turns out they're the DCA for Payday Express. The advisor who said if I paid £40 they'd waive the charges on my account - failed to tell me they'd only keep my account for 3 months. Luckily I've improved my cash flow recently and was planning to clear the remaining £380 on 24th June, only to be told they'd accept a minimum settlement of £490!!! I'm livid... argued with some numpty at Castlebridge for a bit and they called PDE. They said they couldn't take the acc
  13. They were brill - like speaking with a different company altogether - the woman on the phone dedicated herself as my own account manager and called me back when she said she was going to - didn't even kick off when I refused to give my card details and gave me their bank details to pay money in every month.
  14. They are useless - Nottingham have even taken my number off of the dialler now!
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